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FeaturedThe Warlord Apollyon

Watch the new For Honor™ trailer and learn more about the single-player or co-op experience in the story campaign. Three legendary warrior factions – The noble Knights of the Iron Legion, the deadly Samurai of the Dawn Empire, and ferocious Vikings of the Warborn clans – are under threat from a mysterious and bloodthirsty warlord named Apollyon. Storm castles, defeat invading armies, and win epic duels as you battle for the survival of your people.

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  • Closed Beta Announcement – The Thin Red Path
  • The Warlord Apollyon – Story Campaign
  • The Peacekeeper (Knight Gameplay)
  • The Warlord (Viking Gameplay)
  • The Shugoki (Samurai Gameplay)
  • Top Community Alpha Moments
  • Closed Alpha Recap
  • Gameplay: 4v4 Dominion Mode - PAX 2016
  • Story Panel ft. Jason Vandenberghe - PAX 2016
  • The Kensei (Samurai Gameplay)
  • The Raider (Viking Gameplay)
  • The Warden (Knight Gameplay)
  • The Orochi (Samurai Gameplay)
  • The Berserker (Viking Gameplay)
  • The Conqueror (Knight Gameplay)
  • Gamescom 2016 Recap
  • Viking, Samurai, and Knight Factions – Gamescom 2016
  • Viking Campaign Mission - E3 2016 Official
  • Story Campaign Cinematic (4K)
  • E3 2016 Conference Presentation
  • New Campaign Details Revealed
  • E3 2016 Teaser - The Vikings Are Coming
  • "Vision" Trailer
  • Producer Highlights
  • Making-of Announcement Trailer
  • TGS 2015 Samurai Preview - The Oni
  • Jason Vandenberghe E3 Interview at the Uplay Lounge
  • Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer #1 - E3 2015
  • World Premiere Trailer - E3 2015
  • How New Heroes Play Different Roles on the Battlefield
  • What Makes 1v1 Duels so Intense?