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Pledge your sword. Fight for your Faction. Carve out your legacy. All who enter the battlefield will reap the rewards.

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    Sign up for the chance to play the Beta and enlist in the War of the Factions.

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    Pledge yourself to the Knights, Vikings, or Samurai, and then fight for your Faction.

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    All Beta players will get exclusive rewards.* Only one Faction will top the global leaderboard and win the glory.

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War of the Factions

Pledge your sword to the Knights of the Iron Legion, the Warborn Viking clans, or the Samurai of the Dawn Empire in-game. Then, prove yourself worthy on the greatest battleground the world has ever seen by fighting for your faction.

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All who enter the battlefield during Beta will be awarded the Emblems of Old. More spoils of war will be revealed soon.

The Emblems of Old represent the undying bravery and resilience of For Honor’s mightiest heroes. Formed generations ago by the elders of the Knights, Vikings, and Samurai, these badges rank among the land’s most ancient and hallowed honors.

All warriors who fight during Beta will be given the Emblems of Old. After game launch, you may redeem the Emblems and adorn your weapons and armor with their distinction.

Coming Soon There’s even more exclusive loot on the way, so stay sharp.

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  • Team Vikings

    On the battlefield, we are ruthless beasts, Unleashing our fury upon the weak. Only in the madness of the war, do we truly feel alive. Unburdened by the fear of death, we rejoice in battle, Welcoming a worthy end that will grant us entry into valhalla. Our strength and ferocity are unmatched and unstoppable. There is no choice. Join the warborn or die.

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  • Team Knights

    Bound by an unbreakable oath, We have sworn to defend our homeland to the death. Those who dare attempt to seize it, will be pacified by steel. We are the righteous, avowed to shield the weak from the wicked. Where lawlessness and oppression reign, We deliver swift and uncompromised justice. We are the noble knights of the iron legion. Stand with us, or be judged by our blades.

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  • Team Samurai

    We are all that remain of an ancient people. That is why each of our warriors must be the match of ten of our enemies. Fearless, disciplined assassins from a faraway land, We fight and die in the name of our ancestors. Our courage is unwavering, our skill unmatched. Masters of war, our blades strike quickly, silently, lethally. For there is no honor in defeat. Are you worthy of the samurai?

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  • *"Requires "For Honor" (sold separately), internet connection and a Uplay Account. The ULC will be awarded to the Uplay Account used in the For Honor Closed Beta."