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Three New Heroes Face Off In Tactical New Mode

01/05/2017 09:00 AM

New fighting styles have emerged in For Honor with the reveal of three new heroes. The Shugoki is the Samurai heavy-hitter who wades into battle with a bigger health pool than every other hero, ready to trade blows with his huge spiked club. This go-in-swinging style of combat is contrasted by the Peacekeeper, a nimble Knight hero who relies on darting into the fray, stabbing enemies with her dagger and causing them to bleed (and lose health over time), and then dodging away. The third hero, a hulking Viking called the Warlord, wields a heavy shield and short sword, making strong defense a cornerstone of his battlefield strategy. Watch this video to see these new heroes in action:

In addition to chatting with Game Director Roman Campos-Oriola about the three new heroes, we also talked about Elimination mode. This is a new, tactical battleground where you must depend on your teammates for revival (there are no respawns), and where potent power-ups can shift the balance of power.

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