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[2017-01-19] FH Twitch Prime - HEADER

Twitch Prime Members: Get access to loot at For Honor launch!

01/19/2017 09:00 AM

Twitch Prime and Ubisoft are collaborating to make the month before the launch of For Honor  a special one for fans, Twitch viewers and streamers!

During the upcoming beta from January 26–29, select Twitch streamers, community members, and For Honor fans that have registered to take part in the Beta, will be chosen to represent the three factions of For Honor in War of the Factions. All players in the For Honor Beta will be competing to determine which faction reigns supreme, and you can track the progress of the war on the global leaderboards at:

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When War of the Factions comes to an end, one faction will be crowned the winner, and rewards redeemable in the full game will be given to all beta participants (with special awards going to the victorious faction).

Once For Honor launches, another crop of rewards will be delivered to Twitch Prime members starting 2.14.17!

After For Honor is released, Twitch Prime Members will receive 10-day Champion Status, which comes with XP boosts that can be shared amongst friends along with more XP from crafting, more loot at the end of each match, and a special emblem they can use to customize their warrior.

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