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[2017-02-09] Closed Beta to Open Beta Patch Notes

Closed Beta to Open Beta Patch Notes

02/09/2017 09:00 AM

Brave Warriors! We’ve improved many things since Closed Beta; take the time to review these notes before entering the battlefield once more in the Open Beta from February 9 to February 12.

Then check out which Faction is leading on the War of the Factions page!

Online Sessions

  • Multiple major fixes and improvements.
  • PC only for OB: during rematch, once all players are ready, the next match automatically start (6+ players in session) or the session is automatically disbanded (5- players in session).
  • PC only for OB: fixed a bug where you could “hang” in a zombie session making all attempts to join a new session ending with an error message finishing by “004” or “008”.


  • Fixed a bug where some matchmaking requests bypassed all parameters creating unbalanced and cross-continent matches.
  • Improved geo-localization of players.


  • Increased the amount of Steel awarded at end of matches for all game modes. Example : a PvP Dominion match reward increased from 30 to 40 Steel.


  • Contract Orders refresh frequency has been raised. You will have three updates throughout the Open BETA (initial ones + new ones on Saturday and Sunday).

Latency Kick

  • Following the Closed BETA results, the latency kick feature was reconfigured with slightly lower latency values.

Teleport Exploit

  • All Assassins type heroes can no longer deflect soldiers strikes.
  • It was not an intended mechanic and it introduced a bug where deflecting a soldier strike while locked on an enemy hero would teleport you to the locked hero, even across the map.

Renown Balancing

  • Vanguard Heroes: increased renown from objective related activities.
  • Hybrid Heroes: decreased renown awarded to kills and kill streaks.

Hero Balancing


  • Base HP increased from 120 to 125
  • Light Attack openers damage increased from 15 to 20
  • Light Attack 2nd Hits In Chain damage increased from 15 to 20
  • Helm Splitter damage increased from 15 to 20
  • Swift Strike damage increased from 15 to 20
  • Fixed a bug where you could perform a Swift Strike, then you could launch a Top Heavy that would come out way faster than usual


  • Headsplitter Leap range reduced from 4m to 3.5m
  • Headbutt startup can no longer be cancelled into Guardbreak
  • Headbutt stamina damage reduced from 40 to 20
  • Full Block Stance Entry stamina cost increased from 5 to 15


  • Zone Attack initial range reduced from 4,3m to 3,5m
  • Dagger Cancel now all deal 1 damage point on top of Bleed (Left stance Cancel used to be 0)


  • Storm Rush now has the correct stamina extra penalty if parried
  • Attack indicator is now visible during the run part of the Storm Rush Attack

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