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[2017-03-17] New Content of the Week

New content of the week – March 16

03/17/2017 09:00 AM

Warriors! We are bringing you new ways to express yourself on the battlefield this week in the form 12 brand new combat emotes – one per hero. These emotes will let you taunt or embarrass your disgraced foes. This week’s update includes:

Knights emotes:

  • The Twirl emote for the Wardens
  • The Chest Out emote for the Conquerors
  • The Death Threat emote for the Peacekeepers
  • The Pony emote for the Lawbringers

Vikings emotes:

  • The Yes, You emote for the Raiders
  • The Thunderclap emote for the Warlords
  • The Lift Off emote for the Berserkers
  • The Spear Twirl for the Valkyries

Samurai emotes:

  • The You, Come Over Here emote for the Kensei
  • The Sumo emote for the Shugoki
  • The Twirl a Whirl emote for the Orochi
  • The Come Get Some emote for the Nobushi

Head over to the store in the game to find these emotes. See you on the battlefield!

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