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[2017-03-30] This Week In For Honor

This Week in For Honor - 3/30

03/30/2017 09:00 AM

Greetings warriors! In our efforts to create a steady beat of communication updates for you, we are happy to introduce a new series of blog posts that keep you updated on the world of For Honor. This Week in For Honor will go live on our news page every week. This series will include updates from our development team, go more in depth about our designs, address some of your concerns and explain what the team is working on at the moment. We’ll also use this post to put the spotlight on your creations!

In our first edition, we wanted to give an overview on the state of the game, our upcoming balancing changes and our next content updates. Before we get to those, we’ll kick it off with our first guest, Producer Stéphane Cardin, who wants to share a few words with you in a short letter below.

We’ll still be running our Warrior’s Den livestream, happening every week on The stream is also a good place to ask your questions and interact with our team members. Happy reading, and see you on the battlefield!

A Word from Stéphane Cardin

Hello everyone,

For Honor has been an incredible ride so far, and the moments I enjoyed the most have always been watching your reactions when playing the game. Working on a new innovative brand is very exciting, but it also comes with its own risks. When the game launched, your reactions confirmed that you are enjoying our core gameplay. However, we still have work to do to improve the global stability of the game.

As a Producer, I assure you that our devoted team is going full force to address the situation, and we will continue to be here for the long term. Our top priority right now is stabilizing the game experience. Our top engineers have been working to address connectivity and matchmaking issues since launch. On top of that, we are working on balancing our Heroes, making sure our upcoming content is easily accessible, and bringing back the maps we removed. Those maps were the ones showing the highest rates of desync, and we want to re-introduce them progressively after our testing. Speaking of that, we are happy to bring back River Fort today and hopefully we will re-introduce High Fort as soon as possible.

Even if we may not address all of these issues this week, there is a series of good news below that will improve your global experience moving forward. To add onto that, we gave 3-Day Champions Status to all players following last Tuesday’s outage, and in the meantime, we are investigating Faction War rewards that were impacted by the same outage.

Again, we value all of your feedback. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our community team on social media, forums and Reddit.

Stéphane Cardin, Producer

State of the game

Increased Steel Income

We have heard your concerns about Steel income, and we’ve taken the time to analyze our data to better understand the pace at which players are earning Steel in game. Subsequently, we have outlined concrete changes that we will be making to how players will receive Steel.

Starting today, we are increasing the overall income of Steel on all matches and Orders across all platforms. Below are the new rates:

  • All matches Steel income are increased by 25%
  • Daily Orders Steel income are increased by 33%
  • Side Orders income are increased by 50%
  • Community Orders Steel rewards are increased from 500-1000 to 2000 Steel

Those changes can raise your daily income by as much as 45% in the first two hours. We’re also looking at additional changes to Orders, but will share more information at a later date.

New Elite Outfits

As some of you noticed it, we decided to delay the release of the new Elite Outfits. Our team wanted to prioritize updates to Steel income to ensure that more players had the chance to unlock the outfits before we added any new content in the game.

Head over to the heroes customization menu to find these outfits.

Gear Stats Update

Along with conversations about Steel, we have also heard feedback about Gear balancing. We’re aware that some Gear Stats, including those tied to Revenge, are currently too powerful and break the game balance.

In one of our next patch, we will apply the first fix to tackle the most problematic values. This fix will also alleviate some of the matchmaking issues where players were being matched against those with stronger gear.

We’ll have more detailed information to share about the next patch next week.

See you all on the battlefield!

State of the Faction War

Samurai won the third round!

When we look at the last updates before the end of the round, we can see that the Vikings were in a very good position to win the round. They managed to bounce back by being the only Faction to gain back their isolated territory and blocked a Samurai territory at the same time.

But on the next update, the Vikings decided to spread their forces on all fronts at the same time. If they would have focused their efforts against the Samurai, they could have solidified their position on the map.

This is where the Samurai took the opportunity to gain back their territories lost to the Vikings and win the round!

Tips and tricks

Isolating an enemy territory is one of the good way to conquer territories faster. To do that, you need to conquer all territories surrounding the one you want to isolate. On the next turn, that territory will become isolated. If you succeed keeping all territories surrounding it yours, the isolated territory will be owned by your faction on the next turn!


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