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This Week in For Honor - 5/18/2017

05/18/2017 09:00 AM

Greetings warriors!

Season Two, Shadow & Might, is live! The team worked very hard to provide you with two incredible new heroes, Centurion and Shinobi, as well as two beautiful new maps, a new gear system and more! This week the team is really focused on gathering your feedback and making sure you have the best experience possible. Let us know what you think about this new content on the forums and Reddit, and if you encounter any technical issues, please contact our Customer Support.

If you missed the Shadow & Might launch livestream, featuring high level gameplay by Twitch streamers and community players, interviews with the devs and more, make sure to catch the VOD here. If you missed the last Warrior’s Den episode, where we provided in depth details about each new hero with Game Director Roman, catch it right here.

This week, we are releasing new Battle outfits and Bats Mood FX, and releasing more details on the new gear stats system (see below). We also published a new list of known issues on the forums, revamped our Player Activities website and are bringing back some cool creations from the community!


New season, new content! Brace for multiple new options to customize your characters, with three different outfits for each and every one of the heroes (Shinobi and Centurion included, of course), and also a brand new bats effect.

These can be unlocked in the Heroes’ customization area.


In order to give you visibility on the different issues we are working on at the moment, we published a list of known issues in a different format on the forums, so you can comment and let us know if you are experiencing some of these issues. That way it’s easier to find a workaround and discuss these topics. We will populate this section as we start investigating new bugs and issues. You can find this new section right here.


Last week we published this article explaining what we changed the gear stats system. This week we are providing more info on each individual stats: what they do and how can they be activated. See below:


  • Defense reduces the Damage received from Attacks.
  • Your Hero’s total Defense bonus is the sum of the Defense bonuses on all its Armor pieces.
  • Defense does not reduce Damage from Bleeds, Feats or blocked attacks and is not applied while in Revenge Mode.

Exhaustion Recovery

  • Exhaustion Recovery increases the speed at which your Hero come out of exhaustion (after running out of Stamina).

Debuff Resistance

  • Debuff Resistance reduces the duration and effects of debuffs (bleed damage, stun duration, feats impact) affecting your Hero.

Stamina Cost Reduction

  • Stamina Cost Reduction decreases the amount of Stamina required to perform actions.
  • Stamina Cost Reduction affects all actions that use stamina, but does not reduce Stamina Damage received from opponents.

Stamina Regen

  • Stamina Regen increases the speed at which Stamina regenerates.

Revenge Mode Defense

  • Revenge Mode Defense reduces the Damage received from attacks while in Revenge Mode.
  • Revenge Mode Defense does not reduce Damage from Bleeds, Feats or blocked attacks.

Revenge Mode Duration

  • Revenge Mode Duration increases the amount of time the Revenge Mode lasts.


  • Attack increases Damage dealt to enemy Heroes.
  • Your Hero’s total Attack bonus is the sum of the Attack bonuses on all its weapon pieces.
  • Attack does not increase Damage from Bleeds, Feats, blocked attacks and is not applied while in Revenge Mode..

Defense Penetration

  • Defense Penetration allows your Hero's Attacks to ignore an amount of the enemy Hero’s Defense when attacking them.
  • Your Hero ignores as much of the opponent’s Defense as the value of the Defense Penetration is.

Block Damage

  • Block Damage increases the Damage dealt to enemy Heroes when they Block your Hero's attacks.

Execution Health Regen

  • Execution Health Regen increases the amount of health your Hero regains by performing a successful Execution.

Revive Speed

  • Revive Speed increases the speed at which your hero can Revive teammates.

Revenge Gained

  • Revenge Gained increases the rate at which your Hero gain Revenge when attacked.
  • (this is a combination of the season 1 Revenge Gained From Defense and Revenge Gained From Injury gear stats).

Revenge Mode Attack

  • Revenge Mode Attack increases the Damage dealt to enemy Heroes while in Revenge Mode.
  • Revenge Mode Attack doesn’t affect Bleeds, Feats or blocked attacks.


The best destination to get your player’s stats, customize your emblem and get the latest Faction War results is the Player’s Activities website. For Season Two, we tweaked the page and revamped our stats interface so you can better track your stats for each Hero. Make sure to stop by!


This week again, we found some very cool creations from our amazingly talented community:

The Warlord by Shengyi Sun

Shinobi inspired warrior by iromokikih lin

Female Centurion by Sylvais

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