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This Week in For Honor - 5/25/2017

05/25/2017 09:00 AM

Greetings Warriors!

We’ve been riding high here in Montreal on the excitement from the launch of Season 2: Shadow & Might. Seeing so much energy and enthusiasm in the community about the new Heroes and Maps has been, in turn, very energizing for the development team working on the game. Thanks to everybody who has posted feedback on the new Season 2 contents, and suggestions for future such content. Our devs are presently devouring that feedback as they push on into the next few months.

Speaking of the next few months, what is coming?

  • Starting next week, June 1st, we’ll resume weekly content releases for the game; things like new Executions, Outfits, Emotes, and more.
  • Also next week, the Montreal studio will host another Community Workshop with top For Honor players to get an early look at what’s cooking for Season 3. These visits offer an invaluable opportunity for our developers get early, actionable feedback on new Heroes and other content, in the end allowing us to launch them with a good deal of player input.
  • In the weeks that follow we plan to launch our first ever Public Test Server. The Test Server’s first use will be to test our upcoming Tournament/Ranked Mode with a slice of community players before rolling it out into the live game. Similar to the bullet above, this will provide a chance for us to hear and respond to crucial community feedback early.
  • Following this Test Server period, we’ll roll a Beta version of the Tournament/Ranked Mode out to the full community.
  • By the time we move into Season 3 in August, in addition to more new Heroes and content, we believe you’ll be spending a lot of your time playing Tournament/Ranked Mode!

We know you want more specific details on how the Tournament/Ranked Mode actually works, and those will be coming soon! We’ve got some fun stuff planned around that which we’ll need your help on, so stay tuned!


For the first week of Season 2’s launch, Season Pass holders had exclusive access to Shadow & Might’s Shinobi and Centurion. This week they are now available for everybody to purchase in game, for 15,000 Steel each (the same cost of a Mythic outfit), and you can even play these Heroes in Practice modes without purchasing them!


“LEDGENDARY Leonidas” by titletownrelo

“When you see another friendly Centurion” by TacoWizard115


In case you missed it, our Creative Director, Roman, chatted with one of our favorite For Honor content creators, Bousefeenux, about what’s new in Season 2.

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