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Apollyon's Legacy Event Brings New Loot

02/15/2018 03:00 PM

You may have already vanquished For Honor's big bad, Apollyon, but her spirit lives on in Apollyon's Legacy, a special in-game event that gives you an opportunity to win exclusive in-game rewards by playing Test Your Metal, a new limited-time mode, and fighting against other players or AI opponents in competitive matches. Test Your Metal pits four players in an Elimination-style match against the bosses of For Honor's campaign. Every time you win a round, your enemies will gain strength and ultimately make the fight more difficult. Each week, from when the event starts on February 15 to its conclusion on March 8, there will be stronger opponents to face in Test Your Metal, along with new Event Orders and Extra Fests every weekend.

The Apollyon's Legacy event features a host of new lootable items including the "I Am War!" emote, two color swatches (Blackstone Elite and Iron Legion), Apollyon's Might embossing, Apollyon-themed weapons and the Age of Wolves Battle Outfit. In addition, all players who log onto For Honor during Apollyon's Legacy will receive an exclusive Apollyon's Crest emblem outline.

The Apollyon Bundle will also be available starting February 22nd for 25,000 Steel each (price adjustments will occur if you already own some of the items included in the bundles). These bundles will instantly unlock the Apollyon's Wolves Mask Outfit (also available for standalone purchase), the "I Am War!" emote, the Age of Wolves Battle Outfit, the Apollyon's Might Embossing, the Iron Legion color swatch, and the Blackstone Elite color swatch for your hero.

For Honor's Age of Wolves marks the fifth season since launch and the arrival of dedicated servers for the PC version of the game on February 19, with console versions following soon after. The Age of Wolves update also includes improvements for five Heroes, player progression and ranked play tweaks, and new training modes that will launch later in the season.

For Honor is currently available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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