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The Knights


Some say you cannot teach an old dog new tricks, but this could not be farther from the truth for the one who was once known as Holden Cross. The well-known veteran went on a transformative journey across Heathmoor after leaving the Lawbringers. Fighting as a mercenary, he encountered warriors from all factions, who set their differences aside and taught him more than he could ever imagine. They even gave him a new name – Gryphon, the warrior with the heart of a lion and the piercing eyes of an eagle.

Today, Gryphon is determined to make amends for his past life as a Blackstone by helping the Chimera Alliance become a beacon of hope in these dark times.

Fighting Style

A well-known veteran returns to unite the Alliance against the Horkos. The one who is now known as 'Gryphon' has traveled far and wide, learned fighting techniques from warriors across all of Heathmoor and added his own deadly twist to them. Wielding the bardiche, this charismatic leader excels in all situations and keeps his allies alive to fight another day.
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Support/Healer
  • Good Melee Range

Special Capabilities


The Gryphon

Not many knew that the Lord Warden was the only Knight who believed in Holden’s repentance. Even if he had turned against Apollyon, most people across Heathmoor still remembered him as 'Asmodai', the demonic Blackstone Lord. When the Lord Warden went missing fifteen years ago, Knights in the Iron Legion used Holden as a scapegoat and turned their backs on him. Holden decided to leave the order of the Lawbringers altogether and tried to live as a civilian in Ashfeld. As he felt rejected by his own kin and purposeless, he sank into despair for a while, until a mercenary asked him to join her guild.


Together they traveled all across Heathmoor. In Valkenheim, most warriors did not share Stigandr's views and tried to kill Holden hundreds of times. In the Myre, the benevolent Ayu could not shield Holden from the many enemies he still had there. Even in farther territories that are still unknown to most warriors in Heathmoor, it took more than ten years of hiding, fighting for all factions as a mercenary before people began to trust Holden again. As he made amends and grew wiser, his new friends among the mercenary guild rechristened him. The old lion was not just a blind beast shackled by violent ideals anymore; he had gained wings to save those in need. 'Gryphon' was born.


When the Warmongers revealed themselves and the Corruption, Gryphon tried to remain in the shadows at first. But seeing his friends joining the rebellions against the Horkos drove him to action. As the Chimera Alliance grew stronger, it became clear they needed someone who knew the enemy from the inside and out. Someone who could lead the charge against these tyrants. At long last, Gryphon knew that his troubled past could now be used for a good cause.


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Since he left the Lawbringers, Gryphon has worn improvised gear. With the help of his mercenary friends, he scavenged battlefields and adjusted pieces he could find to create his own armors. His preferred attires are usually not too sophisticated. He favors practicality and concealment above anything else, but sometimes wears ornated pieces that were gifted to him by former patrons and allies.