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Jiang Jun

Only the most experienced Wu Lin leaders become Jiang Jun, generals of the Empire. Their loyalty and their sense of righteousness are unmatched. They teach harsh lessons to their enemies while wielding the guandao, the crescent halberd.

Revered as the best strategists of the Empire, they are the living embodiment of the art of war. They inspire thousands to fight and die for them in the direst battles.

Jiang Jun

Guan Yu

Guan Yu is a legend among the Jiang Jun.

From his worst enemies to Emperors and Kings, all believe Guan Yu is the epitome of fortitude and wisdom.

Guan Yu spent a lifetime leading great armies into battle. With him at the front of an army, victory was assured.

Returning from battle one day, Guan Yu’s depleted army was ambushed. Vastly outnumbered, Guan Yu stepped off his horse and challenged their best to a duel.

Instead, a lone arrow flew and pierced his heart. The mighty Guan Yu collapsed... But he rose up, ripped out the arrow and laughed. His army charged. The invaders retreated in fear of the beast risen from the dead. The legend was born.

Now in his twilight, Guan Yu wants to extend his legacy and feel that thrill of battle again. Travelling west, he seeks fresh warriors who can bring him new, exciting challenges.

Fighting Style

The Jiang Jun is a slow, but durable fighter who wields a guandao. His special stance, Sifu’s Poise, regenerates stamina and allows him to easily dodge incoming attacks. He specializes in group fights, where he is able to inspire his teammates with Sifu’s Poise and keep enemies at bay with his Zone attacks.
  • Difficulty: Medium-Hard
  • Zone attack specialist
  • High Survivability in group fights

Special Capabilities

  • Sifu’s Poise: Stance that dodges incoming attacks and regenerates stamina
  • Many Zone attacks
  • Powerful Dodge attacks

The Wardens

Meet the Wardens of the Knights faction in this For Honor gameplay video.


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Customizable armor. Take a look at each of the three customizable sections of the Jiang Juns' armor.