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The Jormungandr rise for the Great Battle of Ragnarok.

Formed after the Cataclysm, the Jormungandr drew their numbers from those rejected by the Vikings. Skin deformities swept the north in the post-cataclysm. The victims bonded from their shared deformities, a snake-like scaling. They named themselves for the serpent Jormungandr that, according to Viking beliefs, fatally poisoned Thor.

They’ve grown into an insular dark sect that believes itself risen from the fall of Thor before Ragnarok. Their rite of passage is a deadly ritual that honors their painful origins. Their skin is burned with acid to harden it with serpent scales. Their limbs are crushed by a sacred hammer. Many die from the ritual. The survivors are branded with the War Hamarr to mark them as mighty Jormungandr warriors.

A Jormungandr is a terrifying sight. They fight to crush the weak before the coming of Ragnarok. They believe only the most worthy must remain for the Great Battle.

Jormungandr Female:


Hulda is a zealot.

A faithful Jormungandr, she devoted her life to Ragnarok. The clash of factions was a small rumbling compared to the greater fight that lay ahead.

Like all devotees, she burned her skin with the serpent scales. Yet rather than symbolically burn her forearm as was tradition, Hulda scorched her entire body. She wore sparse armor so all would cower before her devotion. And they all cowered.

One day at the Temple of Dag on the shores of Hylur, a pack of Viking non-believers, peasants and villagers, huddled together praying to the Gods for protection from the fanatic Jormungandr who’d come for worship.

Hulda was disgusted with their cowardice in such a sacred location. She let fly her war hammar, crushing the skulls of all the heretics before her.

Then a sign from the Gods! The Hylur Sea rose up into a mighty tsunami and crashed onto the village, crushing buildings. Hulda gazed out into the depths of the tidal wave and saw visions of the great sea serpent—the Jormungandr.

The Gods were answering Hulda’s devotion. Now was the time to team with the Vikings. To prepare for the Great Battle, Hulda would show the Vikings the way to victory, and gird themselves for the end to come. The Vikings welcomed Hulda’s zealotry.

Today, she fights alongside the bravest, dedicated to testing herself to the fullest before Ragnarok.

Jormungandr Male:


Gretar was a non-believer.

He embraced the battle cry of all Vikings that calls them to war, but he despised the fanaticism of the Jormungandr cult. So when he found himself fighting alongside one of its members, he moved with caution. Gretar always kept his guard around the Jormungandr. These fanatics could not be trusted.

Yet the two were an unstoppable force whose deeds became legendary. During one bloody battle, they cornered a clutch of Knights at the grand cliffs of Happvad. The odds were against them, yet the Jormungandr prophesized in a strange craze that the Gods were about to punish the impious Knights…

Then a great rumble overwhelmed the land. The mighty sea rose up, reaching the tops of the cliffs and crashing upon them. A great wave pushed the entire legion of Knights to the precipice. Gretar was knocked to the ground and washed to the cliff’s edge. As the sea pummeled him, Gretar clung to the edge while his comrade chanted nonsense to the sea.

Then… the sea suddenly stopped its angry assault. The Jormungandr grabbed Gretar and hauled him up to safety. No sooner was he free of death’s grip then the sea struck again. The Jormungandr gave praise to the Gods. Gretar fell to his knees and stared in wonder. It was against Nature’s laws, and yet the water answered the Jormungandr’s call.

In that moment, Gretar became a changed man. He embraced the initiation ceremony and took up the Jormungandr war hamarr.

As if his eyes had been opened, Gretar fought thereafter as a proud Jormungandr, culling the weak in preparation for Ragnarok.

Fighting Style

The Jormungandr are fearsome warriors who excel at whittling the opponent’s stamina. Wielding the mighty war hamarr, they cull the weak with their unbalancing attacks.
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Disabler, Harasser
  • Unrelenting Attacks

Special Capabilities

  • High Damage on opponents who are out of stamina
  • Good at trading blows and initiating the fight
  • Their enhanced Light Attacks are not interruptible when blocked


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Hulda’s Crusher
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The Jormungandr are feral warriors who wear their devotion to the Great Serpent on their scarred bodies. Some even whisper they paint their faces with the blood and ground bones of their victims, and use human bones and leather for clothing.


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