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Nuxia was the name given to female bodyguards during the civil war. These skilled slayers usually roam the battlefield on their own terms, clawing and gutting prey with their hook swords.

One of them has turned westward, resolved to never trust again. Her name is Lin Yao.


Lin Yao

Lin Yao was the secret bodyguard of a Wu Lin Governor. People used to believe she was a graceful dancer, but she was in fact trained to hunt would-be assassins.

She would bait her targets with her graceful smile, then strike them with her dancing blades – the hook swords.

When the civil war broke out across the Empire, a vast army surrounded the Governor’s city. Lin Yao was ordered to seek help from a neighboring Prince, but she fell into a trap. The Prince was a traitor who joined the assault and killed all within the city.

Lin Yao found the conquering Prince and slit his throat. Then stripped off her dancer’s robes, donned a soldier’s armor, and turned her back on the corrupted Empire. She set her sights Westward.

No more would she cloak her skills in defense of others. Now she fights on her own terms, a skilled warrior ready and hungry to face the best the West can offer.

Fighting Style

The Nuxia is an agile fighter who wields dual hook swords. She isolates her enemies into one-on-one fights, then uses a barrage of attacks to strike them down. She has a unique offensive ability called “Trap” which only strikes enemies who are actively blocking, parrying or deflecting her.
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Able to Trap enemies
  • Fast attacker

Special Capabilities

  • Trap: Only hits enemies who are actively blocking, parrying or deflecting her
  • Quick Dodge attacks that isolate her opponents into duels
  • Powerful counter-attacks after a Parry or Deflect

The Wardens

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