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The Shaolin are fierce warrior monks known for their fluid fight style and their prowess with a staff.

The Order of Shaolin was formed long before the Cataclysm, when the first monks established a monastery and shared their martial skills with their followers.

After the Cataclysm, civil war enveloped the Empire, and the monks honed their warrior skills to preserve a spirituality that was quickly disappearing from the world. If that meant a clenched fist, then these warrior monks would be ready.

Today, they spend their days praying, training, and fighting. They hold their prayers close to them at all times and deliver their message with a spiritual force that’s unmatched.


Wei Chang

Wei delivers prayers with his fists.

As a Shaolin warrior monk, Wei Chang closed his monastery doors to warriors fighting the civil war. Most left in peace, but one army would not be denied. The monks fought back.

With his monkey-like fighting, Wei killed scores of soldiers, but the monastery was soon overwhelmed and all the Shaolin were put to death.

As Wei prayed before his own execution, a monstrous quake shook the land. The earth opened up and swallowed the monastery and all soldiers.

Wei survived and he vowed to honor his good fortune. He rose from the ashes and tattooed the monastery’s lost prayers onto his skin, preserving them. He honed his formidable warrior skills and set out to spread the word across the lands with his staff.

Today Wei fights with a blessed fervor to honor his lost brothers. His long journey carries him westward.

Fighting Style

The Shaolin is a fast-paced, staff-wielding monk with a huge array of tools at his disposal. He is highly mobile and can alter the flow of combat with his special Qi Stance, which gives him access to various special attacks. His attacks are quick, relentless, and unpredictable.
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Mobile fighter with a lot of options
  • Qi Stance

Special Capabilities

  • Qi Stance: Gains access to counterattacks and special moves that can be unblockable or undodgeable
  • Attacks are unpredictable
  • Long range

The Shaolin

Meet the Shaolin of the Wu-Lin faction in this For Honor gameplay video.


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