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Always highly respected and powerful, the Zhanhu were once the right hands of powerful rulers. As key representatives of the Wu Lin Emperors, the Zhanhu would consider their lives forfeit, subservient to the will of their leaders. They were duty-bound to execute the Emperors' decrees at any cost. All other considerations were secondary.

The Zhanhu of today are the true masters of artillery. Only a few can learn how to tame the fire, wield the deadly changdao and achieve the title of Zhanhu. One should fear these unpredictable warriors, as they have devised many ways to slice and burn their enemies to the ground.

Zhanhu Female:

Fu Huo

Fu Huo breathes fire.

All her life, she drew strength from the volatile energy of the flame. She learned to manipulate gunpowder and fire, to control it, to make it dance for her alone. Her prowess frightened many. They called it sorcery. She became a freak, a dark conjurer with a price on her head. She learned to defend herself against these fools of the world. She grew into a proficient warrior, a master of the chang dao, a virtuoso of fire.

Hearing of this dark warrior, Empress Dou of the Wu Lin provinces sent her Royal Guard to bring the woman before her. Instead the charred, severed heads of her guards were sent back to the palace.

Shocked and intrigued, the Empress ventured alone to find this strange warrior. Word spread that the Empress was traveling unattended. In a quiet village garden, Fu Huo warned the Empress how foolish she was to come alone. Then…Fu Huo sensed something…

She drew her sword as rogue bandits charged the Empress. Fu Huo unleashed a fiery torrent that consumed the bandits. It is said their screams can still be heard in the trees of the garden.

The Empress was impressed with the young warrior’s bravery and devotion. For Fu Huo, the moment was a revelation. She had turned all her skills and energy to defending another and she had found a new inner strength. The Empress offered her the honor to serve as her personal agent and Fu Huo accepted at once. She would become her Zhanhu.

Today, Fu Huo fights in service to Empress Dou. She ventures out to deliver the might of the Wu Lin, always in service to her Empress.

Zhanhu Male:


Sun Da was an ambitious warrior who served his father, a proud ruler in China. The curious warrior always sought new ways to gain advantage in battle. His father and younger brothers all scoffed at the boy’s dabblings, but Sun Da persisted. He learned to harness fire and gunpowder to confuse and disorient. In battle, he carried an aura of ‘magic.’

When the warlord Gao Lei invaded their lands, Sun Da’s father counselled patience. Sun Da ignored him and breached the attacking army one night with his warriors. When he reached the heart of the enemy forces, Sun Da unleashed a devastating fire that engulfed them all.

But still, Sun Da was captured and brought before Gao Lei. His father was condemned to the Chinese tradition of familial execution…every member of his family was to die. But Sun Da was given a choice. Join his father in noble death or join Gao Lei as his second.

Sun Da knelt before his father and gutted the weak man. He died painfully, denied an honorable death. With death in his eyes, Sun Da brought his blade down on every member of his family, all his younger brothers, ensuring no one would ever cross him again.

Years later, Gao Lei’s army grew into the Wu Lin with Sun Da as his faithful second, his Zhanhu. Whispers followed the Zhanhu wherever he traveled. Renowned for his prowess with the chang dao blade, it was said he used sorcery and black magic to control the elements. It was said the Zhanhu conjured fire to destroy those who challenged him on the battlefield.

Today, under the Wu Lin banner, Sun Da is a dark force who travels west as Gao Lei’s fist, carrying terror and dread into battle.

Fighting Style

The Zhanhu are dodge attack experts who use their mobility to defeat any foe. Strong and agile, they wield a long, single-edged blade named changdao. As masters of artillery, they have devised various feats to burn the enemy and wreck havoc on the battlefield.
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Counter-Attacker
  • Dodge-Attack Specialist

Special Capabilities

  • Powerful dodge attacks that can be chained together
  • Finishers are unblockable
  • Unique fiery feats


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As protectors of powerful rulers, the Zhanhu do not go unnoticed on the battlefield. Wearing silk garments with embroidered patterns, they do not need heavy armor to protect themselves. These skilled swordmasters prefer light cuirasses or lamellar armors that do not hinder their mobility.


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