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August 27 Patchnotes Header

August 27th Title Update

18/08/2020 12:00 PM

Hello Warriors!

Thank you so much for the feedback you’ve sent our way since the Core Combat Update went live. We prepared the initial August 13th patch addressing damage and stamina values based on discussions with Early Access players.

We can now announce that the next round of improvements will be coming on August 27th! Here’s what to expect:


Warmonger/Nuxia Feats:

There will be changes to Corruption that impact the Feats of both heroes. More details will follow in our full patch notes closer to August 27th!

Heavy Attack Damage:

This will be further lowered where needed to address the risk-reward balance between light and heavy attacks, as well as time-to-kill concerns. The new values will generally be closer to those used in the second phase of the Testing Grounds.

Zone Attack Damage:

Though the CCU was intended to lower damage overall, it will be raised on several Zone attacks that stood out as too low.

Deflect Damage:

Again, lower damage was one of the goals of the CCU, but damage on deflects will be raised a bit overall to make attempting them a more rewarding option.

Light Attack Stamina Cost:

  • 9 for regular Light Attacks (from 12)
  • 6 for combo Lights

The 12 Stamina cost on lights has impacted the ability of some heroes to use their offense effectively. This change should help those heroes out, while still avoiding situations where players can be over-reliant on lights at some levels of play.

We appreciate all the thoughtful responses we’ve gotten in our CCU Feedback Thread and across the whole community. We’ll continue to pay close attention as we head towards these improvements going live on August 27th!

Thank you,

The For Honor Dev Team

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