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  • 4v4 objective-based mode in which two teams of four players supported by AI troops fight for three different zones for the control of the battlefield.
  • Skills, communication, and team tactics are essential. Each match ends with a breaking phase where one team needs to wipe out all of the players on the other team to win the game. Dominion includes feats.

To score points:

  • Capture control zones = 100 soft points per zone (will be lost if enemy team captures back a zone), plus hard points (can't be lost) over time when controlled.
  • Kill enemy heroes = hard points.
  • Kill enemy soldiers = hard points.

Victory conditions:

  • Reach 1,000 points to break the morale of the enemy.
  • When the enemy team is breaking, they can't respawn anymore.
  • To win the game, kill all remaining enemy heroes.
  • If a team that is breaking manages to bring the score of the enemy team below 1,000 points, the team rallies and all players respawn.