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Live Update v1.21.2

03/09/2018 12:00 PM


  • [Improvement] The timing after which a player is kicked from a match for being idle has been considerably reduced:
  • All 4v4 modes now have an AFK timer of 45 seconds (from 120 seconds)
  • All 1v1 and 2v2 modes now have a AFK timer of 30 seconds (from 120 seconds)

Developer Comment: Since the beginning of Season 5, we have been taking a stronger stance against AFK abuse, for example by escalating the sanctioning process via our updated Code of Conduct, and by performing more frequent sanctioning waves. This timer change is a necessary additional step to ensuring our players’ in-game experience is not being negatively affected by AFK abusers. Now abusers will be booted much faster, allowing you to get on with important business of winning your match!


  • [Adjustment] Players located in Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain, are now matchmaking with Europe instead of Asia.

Developer Comment: We have heard from many of our players in the countries listed above that they have found the change in their Matchmaking Region in Season 5 to be less than ideal. While our Online Team made the decision to map them to other Asian countries rather than Europe for very good reasons, based on those players’ latency in relation to each Data Center, we hear your feedback and will now begin routing you through the European region. We understand that the desire for better matchmaking may sometimes outweigh a player’s desire for the absolute lowest latency. Please do keep us updated on your experience if you are in one of these countries!



  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an exploit that caused the animations of some cancelled attacks to not play properly resulting in a faster transition into the mix-up. An example of this is the Kensei’s “Top Heavy” would not be playing when canceled into the “Pommel Strike” resulting in it being must faster than expected. 

We made a fix for the following attacks: 

  • Conqueror: “Heavy Opener”, “Charged Heavy” and “Heavy Finisher” (to “Full Block Stance” and “Shield Uppercut”)
  • Peacekeeper: “Right Heavy Finisher”, “Left Heavy Finisher” (to “Dagger Cancel”)
  • Raider: “Zone Attack”, “Raider Fury” (to “Stunning Tap”)
  • Valkyrie: “Heavy Opener”, “Heavy Finisher” (to “Shield Crush”)
  • Kensei: “Top Heavy Opener” and “2nd Chained Top Heavy” (to “Pommel Strike”)
  • Shugoki: “Heavy Opener” (to “Demon's Embrace”)
  • Highlander: “Balor's Might” (to “Fomorian Kick” and “Log Toss”) 


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the “unblockable” visual effect to not be displayed when performing the "Shield Uppercut" after a "Flail Uppercut".


  • [Bug Fix] We reverted the following change introduced in version 1.18:

[Improvement] After any hit, the Shinobi did not reinitialize his charge when Heavy Attack is still held. Now the charge of the Shinobi works (in term of input) like the charge of the Conqueror for example.

This change caused the Shinobi to be able to perform multiple Double Dodges in a row more easily than it was originally intended and made the timing to launch the kick much harder. Now, to restart a charge after any move or attack, the player must release and press the Heavy Attack button again.



  • [Bug Fix] Added an icon for the moves that cannot be dodged, they are now correctly identified in the moveset. The affected moves are:
    • Orochi’s “Lighting Strike” and “Zephyr Strike”.
    • Berzerker’s “Spin Chop”.
    • Warlord’s “Board and Blade”.

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