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10/05/2018 12:00 PM

Check out the new Arcade Mode with W1LDC4T43 and BigJigglyPanda as they put their skills to the test facing a variety of challenges in co-op mode. Arcade Mode is the new PvE game mode that comes with For Honor: Marching Fire expansion, designed to offer infinite replayability through more than 30 different battle modifiers. You can face it in solo or co-op modes. Plus, there’s shared progression with the multiplayer, so you can level up your heroes, upgrade your gear, and even earn exclusive rewards!

Kings of Castle Siege LIVESTREAM Showdown:

In case you missed it, the Kings of Castle Siege Showdown happened during the For Honor: Marching Fire Launch Livestream on October 11. After a tough back and forth, Team Ashfeld Shields beat out Team Marching Empire, reigning supreme and ultimately being crowned the Kings of Castle Siege in style, donning their helms and celebrating with a towering crown cake.

Check out all the action, including a bonus match between some of the YouTubers and the Developers of For Honor:

For Honor: Marching Fire - Tips & Tricks

The Kings of Castle Siege Generals and Recruits have been hard at work preparing for their Breach Mode face-off during the For Honor: Marching Fire Launch Livestream. In preparation for the showdown, both teams have made a series of tips & tricks videos to help teach each other and introduce players to the new 4v4 Breach Mode as well as exploring the 4 new Wu Lin heroes. Check them out and get ahead of the game before the launch on October 16.

Check out the first practice sessions from both teams during the For Honor: Marching Fire PC Open Test from September.

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