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For Honor v1.14.1 Patch Notes

28/09/2017 02:00 PM



Unlock Tech Fixes

  • Unlocked Attacks can no longer become unparryable.

Players were able to elect to launch attacks without having a target locked, and if they performed this in a particular way, the attack would still be aimed at you, but you could not parry it.

We fixed this by forcing the system to aim directly at the nearby target.

Developer Comments: This will significantly reduce the unlock exploit as it makes it impossible to move away from a target and attack in 1v1 situations. From now on, out of lock attacks always snap towards a target if in range. As a consequence, we've updated rotation speeds on some character’s Zone Attacks (Conqueror, Highlander, Shinobi and Shugoki).

(Note: We do acknowledge that there still exist very specific situations in which your opponent may be unable to parry - but these situations should be extremely rare in actual gameplay. We will continue to address those scenarios as well in the long-term - but for now, at least this will no longer be something that negatively affect the game as it did before.)


  • [Bug Fix] Resolved an issue causing Guardbreak not to connect when both heroes are fighting on certain stairs in “The Forge” and “The Sentinel” maps.


  • Headbutt timing reverted to pre patch 1.13 values.
    • This means Dodge Forward into Headbutt timing now starts at 100ms again (was 300ms).
  • Dodge recovery duration shortened from 700ms to 600ms.
  • Light Side Attacks damage increased to 13 from 12.
  • Counter Stab damage increased to 12 from 10.

Developer Comments: The Headbutt and Dodge changes from our last update did not get the expected results. Those nerfs were too strong so we are reverting the Headbutt timing change and we are shortening the Dodge recovery by 100ms after increasing it by 200ms in our latest update. The damage buff on Side Lights and Counter Stab, while minimal, will help the Warlord kill enemies in critical state.


  • Charged Heavy Attack range decreased to 4.25m (from 5m).
  • Charged Heavy Finisher range decreased to 4.75m (from 5.75m).
  • Uncharged Heavy Finisher link into Jab delayed by 100ms.
  • Jabs do not stagger on wall anymore.
  • Normal Jab Stamina drain decreased to 30 (from 40).
  • Normal Jab Miss recovery shortened to 700ms (from 800ms).
  • “Legion Kick” does not stun anymore.
  • “Eagle Talon” stamina cost increased to 20 (from 12).
  • [Bug Fix] Jab stamina cost of 12 now works correctly. 

Developer Comments: With his Charged Heavies, the Centurion has the ability to engage in group fight from far away. We think his ability to pin you from long distances in 4v4 was too strong and we reduced the range of both Charged Heavies to allow you to better anticipate and react to the incoming threat.

The Jab had multiple issues that made him very frustrating:

  • If an Uncharged Heavy Finisher hit, it used to guarantee a Jab.
  • Jabs that staggers against a wall could lead to devastating and nearly infinite combo.

We are addressing these issues to make the Jab a fair tool. In addition, to compensate for this we are making the Jab safer on Miss Recovery.

On top of that, the stamina drain reduction on normal Jab and stun removal on Legion Kick should improve the group fight experience when facing 1 or more Centurions.

Known issue: Moveset still says “Legion Kick” Stuns. We will address this in a future update.


  • Double Dodge stamina cost decreased to 24 (from 29).
  • Double Dodge Kick stamina cost decreased to 10 (from 20).
  • Back Flip stamina cost decreased to 12 (from 17).
  • Front Roll stamina cost decreased to 12 (from 17).
  • Reflex Guard duration increased to 800ms (from 600ms).

Developer comments: We have noticed some players have difficulty blocking with the Shinobi. We have increased the timing of the reflex guard to facilitate the block but the duration is still shorter than other assassins such as the Peacekeeper or the Orochi. We would like the playstyle of the Shinobi to focus on dodge and repositioning instead of block. The stamina reduction on some dodge moves is meant to promote this playstyle.

Patch Notes v1.14


Zone Attack Flicker

  • [Bug Fix] We have removed "Flicker" observed when launching Zone Attacks.

Developer Comments: "Flicker" was observed when an opponent starts an attack from one stance, then immediately cancels it into the Zone Attack - you will see the first red attack indicator, then it will immediately change direction to the Zone Attack's direction.

This "flicker" happened because we wanted to be lenient on the Zone Attack's inputs. We tested removing this leniency in the previous Public Test Server build, and we learned that players found that the reduced leniency on Zone Attack inputs didn't make a significant negative impact on players - but had a huge positive impact by removing the Flicker.

However, there were a variety of smaller bugs discovered in the Public Test Server build - such as being unable to launch Zone Attacks when switching stances, or after a Guardbreak. So we've taken the time to address all known cases - so finally Flicker can be fixed.

Thank you to all the players who took the time to try our Public Test Server build, and thank you again to the ones who received and filled out the survey - your feedback was invaluable in making this happen.

“Host Advantage”

  • [Bug Fix] We fixed an issue where if 2 opponents hit specific abilities at the exact same time against each other, one player would be awarded the hit and the other would be hit.

Developer Comments: This fix affects Raider’s Stampede Charge, Lawbringer's Long Arm, Lawbringer's Sprint Attack, Shinobi's Tackle, Centurion's Charged Heavies, Finishers, and Jab, Gladiator's Skewer.

Note: Fixing the issue on the Impaling Charge has unfortunately created another issue that caused the Lawbringer’s sprint attack to bump after stumbling his opponent near a wall. To correct that, we have added a specific recovery when the target bumps a wall. The effect of this is now the Lawbringer has a 100ms delayed before launch an out of lock attack and a 200ms delayed to launch a locked attacks. But all the previous guaranteed attacks are still guaranteed.

Fight balancing

  • [Bug Fix] Chip Damage can no longer kill because of Revenge / Attack Boosts / etc.

Developer Comments: Chip damage currently doesn't kill - except for a bug where certain boosts were applied to your damage. We were incorrectly capping our chip damage on the base attack damage, and THEN applying the damage modifiers from sources such as Revenge, Attack Boosts, etc. This meant that Chip + Boosts could kill you. This was fixed.


  • [Bug Fix] Optimized the attack UI feedback so it appears as soon as possible.

Developer Comments: This is intended to help players get the information of the opponent's attack as early as possible.

  • [Bug Fix] Assassins now have the same conditions for Parry as non-assassins Heroes. (This means they can no longer parry Warden's Crushing Counterstrike, or Highlander's confirmed hits, etc.)

Developer Comments: Assassins had an issue since launch where if the timing was just right, they could parry the Warden's Crushing Counterstrike. This case happened rarely since it depended on both the Warden's timing AND the Assassin's timing. With the Highlander's release, we were seeing more cases of this bug, because the timing of the parry against the Caber Toss>Balor's Might is solely dependent on the Assassin's timing. There's no reason for Assassins to have this ability, so now we're making them work exactly the same as non-assassins.

  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that allowed the player to apply bleed to an opponent while in his Revive or Respawn invulnerability period.
  • [Bug Fix] Re-enabled the ability to spam some iconic Emotes for certain Heroes including the Conqueror, Centurion, Lawbringer, Raider and Orochi. Please note that this fix does not include the Female Conqueror which will come in a future update.


  • [Bug Fix] Right Basic Heavy Attack now causes the opponent to be able to play the regular block anticipation animation.


  • [Bug Fix] Added a text entry on the Moveset page to explain that the Conqueror can cancel attacks into Full Block Stance.

Developer Comments: Conqueror has always been able to do this - we're just making it clear in the Moveset page now.

  • [Bug Fix] Female Conqueror's “Kick Flip” emote animation polished to remove clipping of shield.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that triggered a strange run animation when dodging back followed by unlocking and not moving.


  • [Bug Fix] “Long Arm” now successfully connects against an opponent who is Staggered.
  • [Bug Fix] “Long Arm” no longer hits moving targets too early.
  • [Bug Fix] When performed Out Of Lock, the Heavy Finisher of the “Judge, Jury and Executioner” chain is now Unblockable (as it is when locked).


  • [Bug Fix] Out of Stamina run speed slightly reduced.
  • [Bug Fix] Arms no longer clip through torso during the “I Quit” emote animation.


  • [Bug Fix] Shugoki no longer plays an incorrect animation after losing his Passive Uninterruptible Stance.
  • [Bug Fix] Opponent ragdoll no longer flops over the Shugoki when the Shugoki kills with a Demon Ball followed by a Light Attack (against a wall).


  • [Bug Fix] "Wind Gust" Attack range increased to 3.0m (from 2.5m).

Developer Comments: Against the Shinobi, who makes a “Backflip”, there was an inconsistency between the “Wind Gust” of the Orochi after a dodge forward and a dodge side. The “Wind Gust” on dodge side missed the Shinobi while on dodge front hits.  Now the “Wind Gust” will hit the Shinobi no matter the dodge direction.

  • [Bug Fix] Female Orochi's animation now has the opponent's hand grab the blade properly during the “Choke on This” Execution.


  • [Bug Fix] Nobushi can now Counter Guardbreak while in Hidden Stance.

Developer Comments: We unintentionally removed the Nobushi's ability to Counter Guardbreak in a previous patch, when we removed the Warlord and Conqueror's ability to Counter Guardbreak while in Full Block Stance. Valkerie was already unable to counter guardbreak from Full Bock Stance.

Under the hood, the moves are treated similarly and that led to the accidental removal for the Nobushi.

So for now, we returned the old behavior. We will continue to monitor this though - perhaps the ability to Counter Guardbreak is too good - if so, and we decide to remove it, we'll do so intentionally, rather than as the result of a bug.


  • [Bug Fix] Raider no longer gets stuck on certain props in the environment during his “Stampede Charge”, while the opponent continues to get carried through the air.
  • [Bug Fix] Raider no longer plays improper animation when performing the “Stampede Charge” on an opponent near a geyser or near a wall.


  • [Bug Fix] Warlord now has his block defense return starting at 100ms after a Feint. (This is how all other characters work.)
  • [Bug Fix] Out of Stamina run speed slightly reduced.
  • [Bug Fix] All unlocked hit animations are fixed.


  • [Bug Fix] Valkyrie's opponent now plays the right reaction to the Valkyrie’s guardbreak making him immune to other opponent’s guardbreaks.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue with the Valkyrie’s chains playing the wrong sound effect.


  • [Bug Fix] Centurion now has his block defense return starting at 100ms after a Feint. (This is how all other characters work.)
  • [Bug Fix] Out of Stamina run speed slightly reduced.


  • [Balancing] Health has been increased to 110 (from 90).

Developer Comments: Shinobi gets a small boost to survivability here. The intention is to help it live after a mistake in 1v1 Duels, or survive a bit more damage in group fights.

  • [Bug Fix] Reduced Shinobi's window to bump the opponent with the “Tackle” by 400ms.

Developer Comments: Note that this doesn't make the attack hit any earlier, but shortens the amount of time the Shinobi can "late hit" the opponent.

  • [Bug Fix] Shinobi now properly enters the unbalance state when they perform a “Grab” followed by a heavy attack and the opponent activates Revenge.
  • [Bug Fix] Ledge drop animation fixed.
  • [Bug Fix] Shinobi input for cancelling a charge edge case now fixed.
  • [Bug Fix] Added the bleed icon on “Teleport” light attack and “Teleport Kick” in the Moveset page.
  • [Bug Fix] Knees no longer clips through the ground during the “Epic Tantrum” emote.


  • [Bug Fix] Emotes can no longer be cancelled in the first 100ms of the animation anymore while in “Offensive Form”, they can now only be cancelled after 300ms like every other Heroes.

Developer Comments: This is the same timing as other heroes' emotes. This change means Offensive Form Emote can no longer be used in combination with Dodge to "wavedash" really quickly.

  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused guardbreaking after a dodge forward to be harder than intended.
  • [Bug Fix] Out of Stamina run speed slightly reduced.
  • [Bug Fix] Highlander can now change stance during parry (like other heroes). Fast-flow to Offensive Form now takes input priority over stance change as well.
  • [Bug Fix] Reduced movement range of the Out Of Stamina heavy attacks by 1.5m to avoid a sliding animation
  • [Bug Fix] “Bone Crusher” execution can now launch opponent off of ledges.
  • [Bug Fix] Polished the animation transition from guardbreak to heavy attacks.


  • [Bug Fix] Dodge Side's movement slightly adjusted to address the unreliable Gladiator dodge
  • [Bug Fix] Side dodge attacks, “Bee’s Sting” and “Sucker Punch”, are now launched at 300ms into the dodge (was anywhere between 100ms to 400ms).

Developer Comments: The Gladiator was suffering from a problem where if Gladiator tried to side dodge an incoming attack, and then counter, the Gladiator would often stop and get hit by the attack. These changes are intended to allow the Gladiator to avoid these strikes, and better counter-attack

  • [Bug Fix] When the opponent performs a light attack and the Gladiator performs a "Skewer Deflect" by deflecting that attack, the opponent was able to dodge the "Skewer Deflect" move. It is fixed. We have reduced the start-up of the “Skewer Deflect” by 200ms (400 from 600) and removed the dodge window of opportunity.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Gladiator bot to be unable to throw opponents sideways or backward while “Impaled”.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that allowed the Shinobi to backflip out of the Gladiator deflect and grab him without the Gladiator being able to react.
  • [Bug Fix] Gladiator no longer falls off ledges after missing a “Skewer”.
  • [Bug Fix] “Fuscina Ictus” now applies bleed when it hits a Shugoki's super armor. This is consistent with how other bleeds work against the Shugoki.
  • [Bug Fix] The female version of "Dig Your Own Grave" emote no longer has the weapon wandering away.
  • [Bug Fix] Weapon is now oriented properly during the “No Mercy” execution.
  • [Bug Fix] Gladiator bot can now detect wall-throw opportunities during the “Skewer”.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue related to missing sounds on the Gladiator.


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue where Feats will not be unlocked when you level up with the renown gained from a multi-kill assist.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed a bug where if you die while an active feat buff is applied, when you respawn you still have to wait out the remainder of the "Active Portion", before it would begin the cooldown.


  • [Improvement] Bots have been updated to take into consideration the stamina cost when using ladders.

Developer Comments: The bots have now been adapted to take into consideration the stamina cost of performing slides or attacks while on the ladder.

  • [Bug Fix] We've found an issue that affected the ability for bots to successfully do “Sprint Attacks” on fleeing enemies.

Developer Comments: With this change, bots should be able to catch up and do a sprint attack on fleeing enemies more often than they were before.

  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Valkyrie bot to play the miss animation instead of the hit animation after successfully landing a Shield Bash.
  • [Bug Fix] Warlord bot's will use Zone Attack less often in 1v1 situations.
  • [Bug Fix] Assassin bots no longer get stuck attempting to activate “Fear Itself” after killing their enemy.
  • [Bug Fix] Bots no longer remain inactive at their bases in Custom Dominion Matches.
  • [Bug Fix] Bots are now able to dodge Shugoki's “Demon's Embrace”.

General Improvements


  • [Improvement] Added the “Anti Run Away” system to the Brawl game mode. Note that this will only trigger if one player is left in each team.
    • A speed bonus to the pursuer.
    • Several debuffs to the player who is fleeing: a speed debuff, a constant drain of Stamina and an increase to Stamina costs.
  • [Improvement] Additionally, the player who has the highest percentage of health left wins.

Developer Comments: The same “Anti Run Away” system that has been introduced to Duel is now present in Brawl with some adjustments to benefit the game mode


  • [Improvement] We separated Duel and Brawl match making MMR

Developer Comments: To be more accurate in the matchmaking and improve the quality of matches, we’ve decided to split the MMR of Duel and Brawl.

  • [Improvement] When a player quits a 1v1 PVP duel, the other player will automatically win the match

Developer Comments: After community request, now players are able to win the match as soon a opponent leaves, they won’t have to fight a bot anymore.

  • [Improvement] Loss will now be added into the quitting player’s statistics when a quit penalty is triggered
  • [Bug Fix] Relaxation parameters are now updating correctly in the match making page

Alternative Gamepad Presets

  • [Improvement] The available layouts are:
  • Default: The default Gamepad buttons layout.
  • Layout 1: Swapped (X/Square) with (LB/L1) and Quickchat commands are selectable by the D-Pad.
  • Layout 2: Swapped (X/Square) with (RS Click/R3) and Quickchat commands are selectable by the D-Pad.

Developer Comments: This is the first step into providing more customizable gamepad buttons for all players. We gathered community feedback from multiple sources to identify the alternative layouts and added them to the game.

Fight Controls Tuning

  • [Improvement] Added the ability to customize the guard mode angles and dead zones for Gamepad & Mouse separately.

Developer Comments: Following suggestions from the community, we added the ability to customize the guard mode angles, dead zones & rotation to allow for controls that are more accessible.

Players can always switch back to the Default values by using the available checkbox without the need to reset their customized controls.

Sprint to Exit Guard mode with gamepad

  • [Improvement] Added the option to enable exiting Guard mode by sprinting. The option can be activated in the Options under the Controls Menu.

Developer Comments: To add more control in the hand of the players, the option to exit guard mode by sprinting can now be selected in the controls Menu. This would grant players using the Gamepad the ability to exit fights quickly and retreat when needed.

Please note: This is the default behavior while using Mouse & Keyboard since release.


  • [Improvement] Improved the reliability of the “Near Miss” feedback for ballista projectiles.

Developer Comments: The feedback is now triggered based on the position of the players, instead of the position of the camera.

  • [Bug Fix] Fixed a conflict between reviving an ally and entering a Ballista. Now, Revive is prioritized over entering the Ballista.
  • [Bug Fix] Communication Tools are now available while in the Ballista.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixing issue where the hero's hands become offset while turning the ballista.



  • [Improvement] The location for Brawl has been changed, players now fight in Close-Quarters in Lane area.

Sanctuary Bridge

  • [Improvement] The location for Brawl has been changed, players now fight in the middle of the bridge.
    • Spikes traps have been removed.
    • A trap door has been added, it opens during the match.


  • [Improvement] The location for Brawl has been changed, players now fight in Close-Quarters in the Graveyard area.

High Fort

  • [Improvement] The initial spawn locations and gameplay space on the smaller island portion of the Brawl location have been adjusted to make the area more comfortable to fight in.

Developer Comments: We decided to offer an initial batch of maps that support a Close-Quarters Brawl set up (much like in Forest). This will encourage Players to engage in dual opponent fighting mechanics while providing less environmental hazards.

Faction War

  • [Improvement] War assets can now be deployed from the Event Playlist.

Developer Comments: We added the option to deploy war assets even if playing on the special event playlist which is not on a front. We wanted to make sure that players that participate in the special events would also be able to participate in the Faction War and not to make a choice between it and the special event. This is compatible with the war banner.


  • [Improvement] Added a bar to the gear statistics to show how powerful the gear is compared to the highest bonuses and the biggest penalties.
  • [Improvement] The scavenger menu background has been darkened to help readability.

User Interface

Developer Comments: We wanted to add more visibility to other group members when players with strict NAT types join or creates a group as multiple Strict NAT in the same session may affect connectivity.

  • [Improvement] Improved support for Color Blind Mode for Deuteranopia and Protanopia.

Developer Comments:We improved the color blind mode by including the health, stamina and revenge bar colors which were previously left unchanged while using the colorblind modes. Now these feedback bars will be affected by the color blind modes and allows much more flexibility.

  • [Improvement] “Invert aiming Y-Axis" renamed to "Invert ground targeting Y-Axis".

Developer Comments: We have reworded the name of the option to actually better represent what its intended effect is. "Invert ground targeting Y-Axis" only affect feats that are aimed to the ground as its name states.

  • [Improvement] Modified the Brawl icon the world map to make it more distinctive.
  • [Improvement] Added an option to remove all new notifications in the option menu, this option also disables all the yellow exclamation marks.
  • [Improvement] Icons were added to the interface to inform users of different network related issues, the Legend for these icons is found in the Social Menu by selecting the NAT type and Connection Quality section.


  • [Improvement] Game mode modifiers are now shown in the map overview for every game mode just like they are shown in Custom Matches.


Improved Hero Loadout selection with Mouse & Keyboard

  • [Improvement] When using the Keyboard and Mouse to select a Hero on the grid, the Loadout selection squares will also appear on top of the Hero Tile to make Loadout selection faster and more obvious to the user.

Benchmark Results

  • [Improvement] Benchmark Results are now exported to “Documents/My Games/For Honor/Benchmark”.

Various Fixes

Duel Tournament

  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Quickmatch option to be inaccessible after abandoning a Tournament.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that was caused by accepting a group invite while in queue for Duel Tournament.


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the wrong animation to play while climbing a specific ladder in the Overwatch map.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Attacker minions and bots to take a longer route to reach the lane in Citadel Gate.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the player to remain stuck in an invisible collision in Sanctuary Bridge.

User interface

  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue whereby users were redirected to the main menu instead of the campaign world view after completing a mission.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue where the players were unable to exit the War Asset deployment menu.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused Map Vote text to appear in the wrong location on the screen.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Match type and parameters to reset when canceling match making in Custom Matches.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the player to be unable to start a Custom Match after adding bots.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Icons and Levels of the player to disappear in the Faceoff screen.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the Revive icon to be invisible.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that sometimes caused gear stats to disappear from screen while scavenging items.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused “Find New Opponent” to appear in between VS AI matches.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused “Social Menu” to not appear properly in certain cases.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the war banner of previous season winner to not be displayed or be displayed at the wrong location.


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue allowing engravings to be applied to cloth for the Gladiator.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed the sound effect for the “Blizzard” Mood effect.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue with the Kensei’s standards customization.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue with the Kensei’s armor customization.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue with “Shattered Ice” mood effect that had no sound effect while performing Executions and Emote on the Highlander.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue with the “Silent Watcher” Peacekeeper chest piece.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue with the Female Conqueror arms where the material did not apply correctly.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue with the Shinobi chest piece customization.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue with the Nobushi head customization.
  • [Bug Fix] Removed blood textures from underpants that caused accidental illusion of a smiley face.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue with the Warden’s “Horse Lord Helm” customization.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue with the Gladiator “The Flying Lys” mythic outfit.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue with “Oak Leaves” mood effect that had no sound effect while performing Executions and Emotes on the Gladiator.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue with “Obsidian Shards” mood effect that had no sound effect while performing Executions and Emotes in the Barrack.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue with “Fire Flies” mood effect that had no sound effect while performing Executions and Emotes in the Barrack.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue with “Death Mist” mood effect that that was not consistent across all Heroes.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Female Orochi chest symbols to appear smaller than the Male symbols.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue with “Plasma Shock” mood effect that had no sound effect while performing Executions with the Shugoki.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue with “Blizzard” mood effect that had delayed sound effect while performing Executions.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue with that caused the thumbnail of the “Arcadia Champion” Mythic outfit of the Lawbringer to be different from the actual outfit.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue with that caused the thumbnail of the “Loki’s Dream” Mythic outfit of the Valkyrie to be different from the actual outfit.

PC Specific Bug Fixes

  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Text Chat to be inaccessible in Hero selection screen.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused Text Chat to be unavailable after leaving a game and starting a new one.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Text Mute Icon to not update when match is loading.
  • [Bug Fix] Player gets stuck in-game when presses Text Chat key + Toggle HUD key buttons simultaneously in a match with more than one players.
  • [Bug Fix] In Game Menu does not get invoked when any controller or Keyboard and Mouse or Tobii is disconnected while in-game.
  • [Bug Fix] Key binding warning pop up is not displayed for the Ballista shoot and Ballista zoom key in Key Mappings.
  • [Bug Fix] Camera keeps on rotating in one direction when user moves head beyond tracking angle with the Tobii eye tracking device while in-game.
  • [Bug Fix] Tobii: The character runs in opposite direction while moving forward when eye gazed on the extreme left/right side of the screen.
  • [Bug Fix] Steam Controller: Touch pad is displayed for analog during practice on tutorial panel of dodge.
  • [Bug Fix] Steam Controller: Misleading button prompts are displayed for multiple options in transform of emblem editor.
  • [Bug Fix] Steam Controller: Button prompt for News tile navigation is missing on the Main menu.
  • [Bug Fix] Steam Controller: Button prompts are missing for scroll up and scroll down button on credits page.
  • [Bug Fix] Mouse click sound effect is not audible for the Hero Overview and Stats Overview on the Heroes page.
  • [Bug Fix] Story Mode: Player is unable to select the character through the loadout at the start of the mission with a keyboard.
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused “Find New Opponent” button to not appear.

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