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Y3S4 Seasonal Event Zhanhu’s Gambit starts now! 

19/12/2019 12:00 PM

“There is no war without sacrifice.”

While rebuilding the Wu Lin army in Qiang Pass, Sun Da & the Wu Lin Emperor were attacked by former Apollyon’s Blackstones in Qiang Pass. Sun Da then triggered his fire experimental weapons, to survive and protect the Emperor at all costs. The weapon however burnt all the Qiang Pass fortress, and, according to rumors, turned Blackstones into cursed warriors… Relive the journey of Sun Da in the Y3S4 Event Zhanhu’s Gambit.

Evacuate the Emperor from the besieged Qiang Pass in the PvE game mode, The Emperor’s Escape!Help the Emperor escape Qiang Pass by conquering zones and protecting him from altered Blackstones!

Zhanhu’s Gambit also brings time-limited cosmetic content, from weapons to outfits.

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