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Warrior's Den Recap - February 13

13/02/2020 03:00 PM

Hey Warriors,

Tomorrow, February 14th, is always a special day for us. We’re heading into our fourth year as a live game! Let’s celebrate in true For Honor style by fighting each other in the Honor Games

The Truce of Wyverndale doesn’t mean we can’t let loose once in a while…right? In any case, this truce is a good opportunity to look back at all that’s happened in the game’s life: shifting to dedicated servers, the release of Marching Fire and Breach mode, all the new heroes, the crazy in-game events, and even the Reddit memes (especially the ones that ended up in the game). 

Warriors, we want to thank you all for playing the game, talking about it, creating fan-art, sharing memes, and just being part of the For Honor community. We’re looking forward to starting the Year of Reckoning with you, and we hope that you’ll enjoy everything that’s on the way! May fortune look down kindly upon you as you compete in the Honor Games. 

And if it does not, may the bards lament your passing with a suitably tragic tune on their lutes.


WDF13 - Honor Games

Inspired by The Olympic Truce (which happened for the ancient Olympic Games) when the warring Leaders (“Kings”) around Olympia, as well as Sparta, had an agreement to end conflict in order to hold the games. While it didn't necessarily mean a total end to war, it was a moment when no one would interfere with people traveling to and from the Games.

Unlocked by participating in the Community Order During the Honor Games Event

  • 1st Place: 1000 Steel + Event Symbol
  • 2nd Place: 500 Steel + Event Symbol
  • 3rd Place: 250 Steel + Event Symbol




WDF13 - Limited Time Bundle

Make sure you don't miss out on our exclusive For Honor bundle available until March 2nd!



From February 13th to the 27th the Leaders of Wyverndale arcade quest is available now for Marching Fire owners!


WDF13 - Limited Time Effect

Show your romantic side with the limited-time Warm in your Love effect, available until February 20th!


WDF13 - Emotes

Time to jam out with the new musical emotes available now for all heroes!!!


The BoisCorp King of the Ring #1

  • 27 Players participated
  • First Place: rippy311 (SCG rippy)
  • Second Place: sachhh13
  • Third Place: DutchVanDerLaw

Watch tournament VOD.

Full bracket available here.

The Arena PC 4v4 Dominion Tournament Series

  • First Place: Hotspot Gaming (Barakett, Ghostoverdose, S1lenc3r, Danko-)
  • Second Place: +1 (Clutchmeister, Setmyx, Ravelord, OttoDGS)

Full bracket available here.

Ducky’s Tourney

  • 7 Teams Participated
  • First Place: Team Name Pending (Kyupou, Jazzyboyjj, HavokFH, RAAzor_)
  • Second Place: Dead Streamers plus Moderator (Hammer_Up, Enmu_, BookTheWook, Wheres_Daubeny)


Studio Tournaments

    • When: Sat, Feb 15 @ 8 PM UTC
    • Prize: Donation Funded
    • When: Sun, Feb 16 @ 6 PM UTC
    • Prize: Donation Funded

More info available here.

Slayscion Gaming

  • PS4 4v4 #2
    • When: Sun, Feb 16 @ 11 AM CST
    • Prize: $100 USD + Donations
  • XBOX 4v4
    • When: Sun, Feb 22 @ 12:30 PM CST
    • Prize: $100 USD + Donations
  • PS4 4v4
    • When: Sat, Feb 29@ 11 AM CST
    • Prize: $100 USD + Donations

More info available here.

For Honor Console: EU NO HUD DUEL sponsored by ForHonorProps

FHC is partnering with one of the community’s best cosplayers to give EU PS4 players a unique tournament. This NO HUD Duel tournament has a 1st place prize of a handcrafted wearable Apollyon mask! 2nd place receives a Black Stone Legion amulet.

  • When: Saturday Feb 22 @ 7 AM ET

More info available here.

Follow forhonorprops on Instagram.

If you have any questions, upcoming tournaments, or highlights you want us to shout out, please send all information to

Thanks a lot for hanging out with us on stream today! Now make sure you go check out the HONOR GAMES event in-game!

And if you haven’t already, join the For Honor Community on Twitter, Twitch, and Reddit.

See you soon for another edition of Warrior’s Den!


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