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Black Prior

The Black Priors are heavy heroes who wield the large kite shield and longsword. These dark agents fight alongside the Knights but are free from the code of chivalry. Whatever victory’s cost, the Black Priors will pay the price. Once Apollyon’s faithful warriors, today they fight with their leader, Vortiger, reinventing their legacy and bringing fresh chaos to the battlefield.

Black Prior Male:


Vortiger was one of the greatest Knights in the Order of the Holy Balaur, elite prior-warriors who would spread the Knights’ cause throughout the realm. He was the ‘knightliest’ of the order, protecting the weak and slaying the wicked with his blade and kite shield.

But his faith in the Holy Balaur was shaken the day he met Apollyon. She shared with him her conviction that this world had no room for sheep. The path of the wolves was the true path to success. She promised him a special place for his order. And so when civil war broke out, Vortiger led a band of priors from the Holy Balaur, renaming himself "Camio".

The Holy Balaur was rechristened The Black Prior, a dark order of Knights who were free of the code of chivalry. They became the terrifying force tasked with drawing out the ‘true wolves’. They were ruthless warriors who cut a trail of terror across the land.

When the tides of war turned and Apollyon was defeated, the Black Prior dispersed and disappeared. For years, they were silent.

Then the earth rumbled again, threatening humanity. The Black Prior emerged from exile and, in a show of good faith, pledged their swords to the Knights. No one knows where they came from, but the Knights agreed--this dark force would help prepare for a new cataclysm. They would do anything and everything to advance the Knights’ cause. And for Vortiger, this was a chance to erase mistakes of the past; to prove the path of the Black Priors was the true path to righteous victory.

Black Prior Female:


Erzebet prayed to the Gods every night. Until the day she stopped.

During the Battle of Blood Lakes, Erzebet led an army of Knights against a horde of Vikings. But fortune favored the enemy. Death was assured… ‘The Gods have abandoned us,’ she thought. She directed her army to the frozen lakes of the Underlands, and forced the Vikings to follow them.

There, a vicious clash began and the frozen ice was soon painted a sickening red, but the Knights could not overcome the Vikings. And if death would find them on this lake, Erzebet decided the Vikings would join them. She lifted her shield and slammed it into the ice. A sickening crack rippled out from her shield and across the icy battlefield. All warriors stopped fighting, watching death approach. All at once, the sheet collapsed, drowning all.

Erzebet awoke on the shore of the lake. She stared out at the blood red hole in the ice. Nobody knows how she survived, but rumors speak of a black hawk saving her…

The lakes of the Underlands were rechristened the Blood Lakes, as a remembrance of Erzebet’s gruesome victory. Following the battle, she joined the Black Priors, who were truer to her beliefs than the Knights were, and became a fierce wolf under Apollyon’s rule.

When the Black Priors emerged from exile, Erzebet seized this new opportunity to show the true meaning of courage to all Knights.

Fighting Style

The Black Priors are protectors of the battlefield. Masters of the sword and shield, their powerful defense is their offense. Bulwark Stance allows them to block attacks from all directions and Bulwark Counter can negate any attack as long as it is timed correctly.
  • Difficulty: Easy-Medium
  • Defense Specialist
  • Strong Support Abilities

Special Capabilities

  • Bulwark Stance: Special Stance that blocks all incoming attacks
  • Bulwark Slash: Powerful attack that can be Feinted
  • Bulwark Counter: Negates all Unblockable attacks if properly timed


Meet the Black Priors of the Knights faction in this For Honor gameplay video.


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The Black Priors' armor is comprised of leather, black steel, and cast iron. The more experience you gain as a black prior, the more options you will have to customize. What you choose will tell your story.



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1) Jeweled Hawk, 2) Winged Crown, 3) Maligned King, 4) Oceans Wrath, 5) Feathered Courage