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Learn basic combat tips, controls, game modes, and character customizations.

Learn how to sharpen your skills and become a master of the battlefield from our YouTube Generals.



Learn basic combat tips, game modes, and character customizations.



Hone your skills by mastering combat strategy, fighting techniques, and hero classes.



Reign supreme with these advanced team strategies, veteran loadouts, and dive deeper into Faction War.


  advanced_combat 7:19
Advanced Combat

That One Video Gamer shows you how to take your fighting skills to the next level.

  Character Customization 6:46
Character Customization

CaRtOoNz shows you how to customize your hero’s appearance, gear, and abilities.

  Game Modes Explained 6:07
Game Modes Explained

That One Video Gamer explains the game modes and how to dominate each.

  How To Play 4:36
How To Play

Moo Snuckel helps you master the basics of combat – the Art of Battle.

  Knights Gameplay 10:36
Knights Gameplay Introduction

CaRtOoNz introduces you to the Knights Faction.

  Levelling Up 4:59
Levelling Up Your Hero

CaRtOoNz shows you how to upgrade and optimize your hero.

  Mastering the Classes 8:48
Mastering the Classes

CaRtOoNz demonstrates how to master all four types of heroes.

  Outnumbered 5:27
Outnumbered Combat Tactics

Moo Snuckel shows you how to fight against multiple enemies at a time.

  Samurai Gameplay 4:34
Samurai Gameplay Introduction

Moo Snuckel introduces you to the Samurai Faction.

  Vikings Gameplay 11:14
Vikings Gameplay Introduction

That One Video Gamer introduces you to the Vikings Faction.

  Faction War 4:46
What Is The Faction War?

That One Video Gamer shows you how to lead your faction to victory in the Faction War.

  Team Strategy 06:50
Team Strategy

Moo Snuckel gives you tips on how to play as a team and achieve victory.