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Kensei Reference Guide

The Kensei Cosplay Reference Guide

20/07/2016 09:00 AM

Following our previously released Warden Cosplay Reference Guide, we are now very happy to give our Samurai warriors a chance to embody the legendary Kensei. This guide will give you more details about his armor, his weapon of choice, the Nodachi, and the different materials that compose his outfit.

DOWNLOAD PDF (9 MB) link to the PDF

Kensei 360

You will find 360 views of the Kensei, with close ups to multiple armor parts and his helmet. You will also learn more details about the Nodachi and the Kensei’s fighting style. But remember that For Honor warriors are customisable, so use your creativity and express yourselves! Make sure to send us your creations on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit!

Kensei Weapon

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