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Recap: Jan 16, 2020

Warrior’s Den Recap – January 16

16/01/2020 04:00 PM

Hey Warriors,

We hope you had a fantastic time during the holidays, escaping with the emperor in Zhanhu’s Event, and most recently, the return of Frost Wind Festival, which ends today!!

In this recap, we cover the latest news on For Honor and delve into Testing Grounds and For Honor trials.


The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot (or Might Quest for short) just launched their cross-brand event with For Honor! Mighty Quest is a F2P mobile action RPG. They just announced their Season 3 – Frozen Hearts:

A cold wind is blowing over Opulencia as the wild Vikings of FOR HONOR are about to storm our lovely Castles! Can you stop the Raider before he loots everything before you? What's the real reason behind his presence? Tackle a brand-new EPIC PASS to find out... and get a chance to earn the time-limited HONOR OF THE RAIDER set!





From January 16th to 30th, be the Faction with the most matches completed in Testing Grounds.


As the earth stirred, the Messengers of Doom rose and struck fear in everyone's hearts.

Yet a bold combatant stood against these evil forces.


Each encounter is a fight against the Harbingers (Year 3 Heroes).


For Honor Content of the week jan 16

New Signatures for all heroes are available now!



  • Testing Grounds is a tool that was implemented last year in Season 11 where players can test early changes the FH development team would like to introduce and provide feedback on them.
  • Testing Ground Phase can be accessed from the world map.
  • The content of the Testing Grounds won’t necessarily reflect what ends up in the live game as a result. The goal is to gather player feedback first in order to determine what will go live, and what will need further development.
  • Testing Grounds aren’t subject to only fighter changes. This Phase, we will introduce changes to Breach.
  • You can still group with teammates to go into MM.

For Honor Trials

For Honors Trials is a community-ran discord server dedicated to improving players’ gameplay with coaching from top competitive players, organized scrimmages (practice matches), and more. It is open to all skill levels. Click here to join now.


Past Tournaments

For Honor PS4 4v4 Dominion Europe

  • First Place: Imagine DQ but we still here (Simply-_-Alex, OttoDogs, LunarDiversion, behzad0__0, Zombiekiller3351)
  • Second Place: KO Gaming: Espadas (Glasorus, Ibyakua, RyuKen_SENSEI, Taekewjoe, Shaad746)
  • 15 Teams Participated
  • Prize: 200€ for the winner team
  • More info here
  • Check it out here

Elek’s NA Dominion Tournament (PC)

  • First Place: Loodeelow Fan Club (Skorbrand, RavelordServant, Shiggstas, Karma__.__, Kwuilt)
  • Second Place: NA Hydra (MystaKyle, Ledge_Meister,, Soresu3)
  • 5 Teams Participated
  • Prize: Matcherino funded - $110
  • Check it out here

Slayscion Gaming XBOX New Year 4v4

  • First Place: Smoothbrains (Himnar, Auvus, Mors ipsum, Flotnar, LoF Raptor)
  • Second Place: EOA & MDM (NoxchiBorz204, Little Man MDM, Osai Jusai MDM, TokinNCigSmokin, Gravebloom MDM)
  • 19 Teams
  • Prize: $200
  • Check it out here

Upcoming Tournaments

Elek’s EU Dominion Tournament (PC)

  • When: Saturday, January 18th @ 8 AM PST / 11 AM EST / 4 PM UTC
  • Prize: Donation Funded
  • More info here

Slayscion Gaming PC 2v2 (PC)

  • When: Saturday, Jan 18th @ 1 PM CST
  • Prize: $200 USD to the winning team
  • More info here

Slayscion Gaming PS4 4v4 #1 (PS4)

  • When: Sunday, Jan 26 @ 1:30 PM CST
  • Prize: $200 USD + donations
  • More info here

Oni Vision: All Time Greatest Duelist (PS4, NA)

  • When: Friday, Jan 24th @ 7 PM CST
  • Prize: $30 Cashapp
  • More info here

No Honor: It’s time to D-D-Duel! (PC, Russian)

  • When: Sunday, Jan 26th @ 6 PM MSK
  • Prize: Prize for top 3 players (250 / 150 / 100 )
  • More info here 

There are a lot of tournaments happening in the next few weeks, so make sure you search For Honor in the battlefy search bar to participate in all of them!

If you have any tournaments or montages, send all information to

And if you haven’t already, join the For Honor Community on Twitter, Twitch, and Reddit.

Testing Grounds is now live so hop into the game and try out the new Breach changes!

We’ll see you on January 30th for another edition of Warrior’s Den!

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