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For Honor: Tyranny

A genuine feeling of hope grew in everyone’s heart as the Truce of Wyverndale convinced more and more people across Heathmoor. Yet a sinister threat was also brewing. As the celebrations of the Honor Games continued with a reenactment of past battles against Apollyon and the Blackstones, a group of mysterious warriors geared up and gathered secret allies from all factions. Peace would soon become a distant dream...

In one of For Honor's most ambitious season's ever, Tyranny brings much anticipated updates from the community with fight updates, events, new customization, a new battle pass and a new Hero that will reveal themself amidst the season.

Release Date: JUNE 11, 2020


Centurion and Fight Updates

Tyranny marks the official release of the Centurion update to the live game. You will now also be able to put a face to the word: Incredibilis! For more details on all fight updates, please visit our patchnotes.

Additionally, thanks to your participation in Testing Grounds, the core combat changes have been reworked and will be live to reinvigorate the way you play for honor later this season. More details to come.

New Armor and Weapons

The warriors of Horkos want to be both feared and revered on the battlefield. Some of them wear black and gold attires as an homage to the former Blackstone Legion. Having secured the best resources available in Heathmoor, they are able to forge frightful armors for their allies across all factions.

Get access to the Horkos rewards during Y4S2 Tyranny through the seasonal and battle pass rewards.

Battle Pass

The Order of Horkos is a secret society in Heathmoor. It was created by a group of mysterious warriors who rallied the former Blackstones to their cause. They have gained influence across all factions over the past few years, gathering resources and spies everywhere. They believe they were chosen by a deity, named Horkos, to weed out the impostors and hypocrites. Drawing their sinister powers from alchemy, they are determined to become the leaders of a new world.