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For Honor: Resistance

The Order of Horkos imposed a regime of terror and left many scars around the world. But in the most desperate times, a spark of rebellion is all they needed to bring back hope. As the warriors of Horkos seized several fortresses to conduct experiments with the Corruption, various groups of outcasts and mercenaries from all factions took up arms to reclaim their homes. Unexpected alliances were formed, and new Draconite weaponry was invented to fight the enemy back.

Play your part for the resistance and get access to new armor, weapons, events, battle pass and more!

Release Date: SEPTEMBER 17, 2020



Inspired by the Samurai victories against the Order of Horkos, a renegade Jormungandr named Fjorgvin regrouped with mercenaries and led her own assault against the enemy in Valkenheim. Ilma the Blacksmith was called for aid once more. As she learned more about the powers of the Draconite, Ilma forged a new weapon to help the rebellion. Yet the Order of Horkos also had their own ace up their sleeve: the terrible Gretar, whose capabilities were increased by the powers of the Corrupted Draconite. Play the 3 activities of Tales of Rebellion and join the warriors who took a stand against the Horkos from November 12th to December 3rd.


Team Identification

Y4S3 brings new updates to the user interface which will allow for simpler and more flexible character customization options.

To celebrate the release of the Team Identification Update, this introduces brand-new red material: Cinnabar!

New Armor and Weapons

Using their influence, the Order of Horkos seized the most expensive resources to craft their weaponry and armors. The warriors who refused to join them were left with only scraps from battles and modest materials. But as these rebels joined forces to fight for their homes, they learned to make a better use of what they could find on the battlefield. With the help of some rogue blacksmiths, they crafted robust and practical gear that could survive the test of time.

New Map: The Belvedere

Year 4 Season 3 extends the battlefield with a new Wu Lin Arena Map: The Belvedere. This map will be available to everyone for duels, brawls and as a training environment for you to sharpen your skills.

Battle Pass

As more people struggled with the Corruption, rebellious warriors sought the spiritual guidance of the Sylvans to survive and heal themselves. Wearing large antlers and wooden masks, Sylvans were revered in all parts of Heathmoor as the spirits of nature's vengeance. According to various sources, their first appearance predated the first cataclysm. Their knowledge of botany, herbalism, and blacksmithing was unrivaled.