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For Honor: Mayhem

With the help of Ilma, a legendary Blacksmith, many warriors across Heathmoor were able to regain fortresses and discover some of the Draconite's true powers. Yet all these rebellions needed someone to unite them in this pivotal moment. Someone who knew the enemy better than anyone else, because he was once part of them. Someone who had learned from his past mistakes and was now ready to make things right.

After a failed attempt at bringing peace in Heathmoor, the one who was once called Holden Cross was now simply known as 'Gryphon'. He had forgone his former name and faction years ago. He became a mercenary to fight for those who could not bear the toll of war anymore, no matter which faction they belonged to. Under his guidance, rebels from all factions formed the Chimera Alliance, a full-blown army with the means to defy the Order of Horkos and stop their Corruption.

Starting Dec 10, join the Mayhem and get access to new armor, weapons, events, battle pass and more!


Battle of The Eclipse

The Battle of the Eclipse was one of the few times in history when people set their cultural differences aside to embrace new beliefs and fight for them. On one side, the legions of Horkos were determined to start a new order, using the Corruption to bend people's will. On the other side, the Chimera Alliance saw the tyranny of Horkos as a threat to people's freedom and would do anything to end the growing Corruption in Heathmoor. Yet as the two sides clashed in the mayhem of battle, a vast moon obscured the sun for a brief moment. Some saw this as an ominous sign for more battles to come between these new opposing forces. Available from January 28th to February 18th.

New Seasonal Customization

With more tools and resources at their disposal, the blacksmiths of Heathmoor have forged outstanding gear for the many heroes who will fight the great Battle of the Eclipse. More specifically, the Chimera Alliance has grown from a group of mercenaries wearing improvised armors to a great army that has now the means to stand on equal ground with the Order of Horkos.

Optimized For Next-Gen

Y4S4 will have For Honor's experience optimized on next-gen consoles with 60 FPS available at season launch.

Battle Pass

Pure Draconite has been used not only to fight the Corruption, but also to make technological advances. As warriors everywhere gather their strength for the first battle between Horkos and Chimera, blacksmiths and makers across Heathmoor are inventing Avant-Garde weaponry and mechanical devices to levels that were never seen before.