1:How do I participate?

To participate you need to either own a copy of For Honor on PC or be invited by someone who does. Participation is only available to PC players at this time.

See the Terms & Conditions for further information.

2:How do I refer friends?

As an owner of For Honor, you simply log into the referral website forhonorgame.com/referral, and your Ubisoft friends list will be loaded on the right side of the dashboard. Select the friend(s) you wish to invite and click “Invite”. You can only invite friends who do not already own For Honor on PC and who have not already been invited by someone else. Invitations to your friends do not expire and are valid for as long as the Referral Program is active.

NOTE: Customer Support does not have the ability to transfer or reset invites that have been sent.

3:How many friends can I refer?

There are no limits on referrals; you can invite as many friends to the program as you like.

4:When does the referral program end?

The referral program will be active until the 13 November 2019, after this date you will no longer be able to invite friends to earn rewards, however we will continue to reward you for any invited friends who purchase after this date until 10 December 2019. The referral program will come to a final end on the 10 December 2019, at which point no further conversions of friend invitations will earn rewards for Referrers or invited friends who purchase For Honor.

5:How do I get my Ubisoft Store For Honor discount code?

If you have been invited you can view your discount code simply logging in to www.forhonorgame.com/referral, and your discount code will be displayed. You can then use this code when purchasing for Honor on PC at https://store.ubi.com

6:Does my discount code expire?

Discount codes will only be valid for the duration of the For Honor Referral Program. All discount codes will expire on 10 of December 2019.

7:What if I bought the game before getting my discount code, can I use the code on other items or content?

No, unfortunately the discount codes are only valid for purchasing a full copy of For Honor on PC, and cannot be used for any expansions, DLC, or in-game content or consumables.

8:Will my discount code offer an additional discount if For Honor is on Sale?

No, the discount code cannot be used in combination with any sale that may be active during the referral program. If the current discount offered is greater than the discount code value, then your purchase will be at the greater discount.

9:Does my friend have to use the discount code in order to participate and/or earn rewards?

No. The discount codes are not connected to the ability to participate or earn rewards in the For Honor Referral Program.

10:How do I earn rewards?

You can start to earn rewards when you have invited at least 1 friend who earns you a conversion reward level. In order for a friend to count towards a conversion level they must be invited through the Referral Program, then buy For Honor on PC, and play at least 2 hours of the game.

11:How do I receive my rewards?

Conversion rewards for friends you invite who purchase For Honor will automatically be credited to your inventory, no in-game action is required.

You will receive an email when rewards have been granted to your account, which should be within 24 hours of a reward level being met.

12:Can I transfer my rewards?

No, you cannot transfer rewards to anyone else.

13:Can I choose a different reward?

No, only the rewards outlined for each reward level will be granted to participants.

14:What happens if I convert more friends than the reward levels?

If you have converted enough friends to reach the highest reward tiers you have earned the maximum amount of rewards you can through the For Honor Referral Program. No additional or bonus rewards can be earned.

15:I invited friends to play and who purchased For Honor before this program, can I still earn rewards for them?

No, only referrals made through the For Honor Referral Program are eligible for rewards; there is no retroactive consideration or granting of rewards.

16:Can I earn rewards by referring friends if I was referred by another friend and purchased For Honor through this program?

Yes. As long as you own a copy of For Honor, you can participate in the rewards program by referring friends, even if you were already in the program as an invited friend.

17:Do my friends have to be Ubisoft friends to invite them?

Yes, your friends must have or create a Ubisoft account and be added to your friends list in order for them to appear on the referral dashboard. You can add friends to your friends list here on the Ubisoft Club.

18:Does my friend who invited me have to be active/playing For Honor for me to earn rewards?

No. Once you have been invited into the program, any action you take in the future that earns rewards for you will not be affected by the playtime or activity of the friend that invited you. The invitations you send, or receive are permanent and do not expire for as long as the Referral Program is active.

19:What if my friend purchases For Honor after the referral program ends?

Any invitations sent whilst the referral program is active will be honoured with the applicable reward if your friend/s purchase/s For Honor, and plays at least 2 hours, after the active period (10 September 2019 to 13 November 2019), but before 10 December. Any conversions made after 10 December 2019 will not earn any rewards.

20:Can I participate if I own For Honor as part of my Uplay+ Subscription?

Yes. If you have activated For Honor as part of your Uplay+ Subscription, you can participate in the program by inviting friends. If you invite a friend and they subscribe to Uplay+ and activate For Honor, this will then count towards referral rewards.