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  • Best of five rounds in 4v4 mode.
  • There is no respawn.
  • Since there is only one life per round, each fight matters.
  • The last hero to survive on the battlefield wins the round for their team. Elimination includes feats and boosts.

Victory Conditions:

  • Kill all heroes of the enemy team to win a round.
  • Win three rounds to win a game.

What is Elimination mode?

Elimination is a fast-paced multiplayer mode that pits two teams of four players against each other, as well as a few AI characters – Captains and Soldiers. Each elimination match is a best-of-five-rounds battle where each player has only one life per round, and the last one to survive wins the round for their team. Since there is no respawn, the outcome of each fight can make a major difference in the round.

What makes Elimination mode different?

Boosts are the key component that make Elimination mode different than other modes. Boosts bring temporary advantages to heroes, such as improved attack or defense, increased movement speed, or the immediate unlock of the Level 4 feat. Boosts are scattered across the map. When a player finds a boost, they just need to stay on it for a few seconds for the boost to be activated. Boosts can really make a difference in the battle, so they create strong points of interest on the map that players fight over. Another important element is using your revive, as it’s the only way to bring back a teammate that has been killed.

Any tips on how to come out on top in Elimination?

As in our other team-based modes, communication and coordination are key to getting the upper hand in an elimination match. There are many different possible tactics, from each player dueling against a direct opponent to teams syncing their efforts to outnumber the opposition. But the one-life-per-round rule creates an immediate tension that leads to a different experience than in Dominion or Skirmish.