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Training Mode

The For Honor® battlefield is where warriors fight to bring glory to their factions. To help you prepare for the many thrilling battles ahead, the For Honor team is happy to announce an all-new Training Mode coming to the game as part of a free update.

Apprentice Trials

For all warriors who have just joined the For Honor battlefield, Apprentice Trials is the new onboarding system where you'll learn basic techniques of the art of battle, including:

  • How to use light and heavy attacks
  • How to dodge and roll
  • How to use Guard Break
  • How to conserve your stamina during combat

You'll be graded as you go, so you know which areas need improvement, and will be given rewards based on your performance.

Warrior Trials

For warriors looking to take the next step in their training, Warrior Trials teaches more advanced battle techniques, such as:

  • External blocks
  • Parries
  • Revenge mode
  • Zone attacks
  • Advanced Guardbreak
  • Feints

Just like Apprentice Trials, you will be graded and given rewards based on your performance.

Training Arena

The arena is your training ground to customize as you see fit. You can test new heroes, perfect mix-ups and timings, and learn how to retaliate against specific heroes who are giving you trouble. The arena allows you to:

  • Customize AI behavior
  • Set modifiers on your hero regarding health, stamina, and revenge state
  • Gain insights on damage points and stamina costs

All the features in the new Training Mode will help you rise up the ranks from Apprentice to Master and make your faction proud. See you on the battlefield!