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The Samurai have a name for former executioners – Hitokiri, a word that means “manslayers” with no heart.

These ghostly warriors have lost all faith in humanity. They wander the land clutching their masakari, the mighty axes they used to sentence criminals.

Their presence on the battlefield spreads a dark cloud of death that can terrify all enemies.

Hitokiri Female:


Sakura is a ghost.

Trained her whole life to be an executioner, Sakura traveled from town to town dispatching criminals and thieves with her axe. She was a clean, efficient killer.

Most executioners survived a year before their dark duties threatened to destroy them. Not Sakura. She found her true calling. Death was her gift to the world.

With every execution, she felt herself transform and grow. She believed that she was possessed by the Spirit of Death with one task – to deliver cold, final death.

One night, Sakura arrived at a remote village rumored to be her native home. A peasant fisherman named Ryoshi was to be executed for murder. All the village gathered to bear witness. Sakura raised her axe and felt the Spirit of Death grip her soul.

When the deed was done, she stared at the peasant’s severed head. Turning to the villagers, she saw blood, hacked limbs, an entire village murdered by her axe. And yet she found no shame. Instead, she felt the power of the Spirit of Death.

Her true purpose was clear. She abandoned her formal duties and began a bloody journey delivering death to all. Man, woman, child, any who crossed her path received her axe. Her hair turned white, and her heart turned cold. She was the Spirit of Death. When a Master Kensei crossed paths with Sakura, he showed her a way to harness her purpose. He showed her war. Sakura unleashed her axe in service to the great conflict.

The Samurai have a name for former executioners like Sakura – Hitokiri, “manslayers” with no heart. These ghostly warriors have lost their way, their humanity. Sakura’s presence on the battlefield spreads a black cloud that can terrify all enemies.

Hitokiri Male:


Yato believed he would do anything for his clan.

His family of executioners were one of many clans in Josei fighting to overthrow the daimyo. Executioners learned to keep their emotions in check, but Yato carried out his sacred task with an alarming and unwavering commitment. He swung his masakari with perfect precision, cutting short any woeful begging with a swift strike. There was no pity, only duty, and Yato made it look like art. Townsfolk gathered in fear and fascination at Yato’s performances, to the frustration of his envious peers.

When Yato wasn’t working, he eliminated key members of the court so his family could rise in power. One day, he was finally tasked with assassinating the daimyo. His father prepared everything. The inn staff had been bribed. Their samurai replaced the guards. All he needed to do was sneak in and get the job done.

Red moonlight shone into the room as Yato crept on the sleeping daimyo. He raised his masakari up high and swung, but no blood spilled. He flipped the futon over, revealing bundles of straw. The doors around him slid open. His father and daimyo stood next to each other, surrounded by guards and a dozen executioners.

Yato had been fooled.

His father told him he had become too powerful, a threat that needed to be eliminated. The betrayal shook Yato’s faith. Any sense of duty he felt died in that instant and, surrounded by the strongest soldiers in Josei, Yato felt no fear. He executed them all without hesitation. The guards, the executioners, the daimyo and his father. Yato felt no remorse. No one could challenge him.

Drenched in his family’s blood, Yato vowed to fight for no cause other than his own and to bring the sweet repose of death to anyone who stood in his way.

Fighting Style

The Hitokiri are relentless executioners. Wielding the masakari, the Samurai battle axes, they can enter a special state to chain heavy attacks infinitely and perform special moves. They dictate the flow of combat with charged attacks and uninterruptible moves.
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Relentless executioner with multiple mix-ups
  • Hard Hitter

Special Capabilities

  • Mugen-ryu: A state that grants special moves and infinite chains
  • Various Uninterruptible Attacks
  • Charged Heavy Attacks


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The Hitokiri’s attire is mostly made of leather, linen and cotton, with armor parts made of lacquered steel. The strange doll heads on their uwa-obi, the Samurai belt, symbolize the victims they executed. As you progress in the game, you will have more options to customize the Hitokiri’s appearance with elaborate cuirasses, greaves, gauntlets, etc.


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