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Patch Notes

For Honor v1.14.1 Patch Notes

Release Notes for v1.14.1

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TWIFH October 13th

This Week In For Honor: 10/13/2017

Check out the latest news from the world of For Honor

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Game Updates

For Honor Halloween Event Brings New Twist on Dominion and Spooky New Loot

Starting today, For Honor celebrates the Feast of the Otherworld, a Halloween-inspired event that casts a dark shadow across the land. From October 19 to November 2, a new mode called Endless March will invite players to tackle Dominion maps in a challenging new way.

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For Honor Heroes
The playable warriors of For Honor are battle-hardened elite soldiers. Learn the movesets of your favorite heroes.

World of For Honor Explore the World of For Honor!

The world of For Honor is harsh, yet filled with beautiful wildlands, grandiose landmarks, and majestic ruins. Its hardy inhabitants eke a living as they can in spite of living in a state of near perpetual war.


Game Modes All the Game Modes available in For Honor

For Honor features several exciting game modes that pit players against one another, such as: 4v4 Dominion, 2v2 Brawls, 1v1 Duels, 4v4 Team Death Matches, and 4v4 Elimination.

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7 July

This Week in For Honor - 7/07

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14 July

This Week in For Honor - 7/14

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20 July

Live Update v1.09.01 - 7/20

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21 July

This Week in For Honor - 7/21

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25 July

Public Test - Meta Changes - 7/25

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4 August

This Week in For Honor - 8/4

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10 August

Free Weekend - 8/10

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31 August

Season 3 Live Update 1 - 8/31

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7 Sept

Patch Notes v1.13 - 9/07

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28 Sept

Patch Notes v1.14 - 9/28