Sharpen Your Weapons and Prepare for War!

Now through March 28 play the limited time in-game event, The Black Prior's Riposte. Customize your Heroes with exclusive rewards only available March 14-28.


Vortiger, the Dark Hero, is here

Get instant access to Vortiger, plus 7-day early access to 3 new heroes coming in 2019, with the Year 3 Pass.


Patch Notes 2.06.1

Check out the latest changes in For Honor Patch 2.06.1

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This Week in For Honor - March 21st 2019

Find out the latest news from This week in For Honor

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For Honor: Marching Fire

New Wu Lin heroes

Discover the four new Wu Lin heroes. Conquer Ashfeld as the Tiandi, wield the mighty guandao as the Jiang Jun, master the hook swords of the Nuxia, and outplay rivals as the nimble Shaolin.


Arcade mode

Fight a new battle every time with varying objectives, enemies, and modifiers in this unlimited single player or in two-person online co-op mode. All progression carries over to multiplayer.

4v4 Breach mode

Storm a castle or protect your lord in this new 4v4 strategic, team-based multiplayer mode.