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The Warden Cosplay Reference Guide

03/02/2016 09:00 AM

Warriors, are you eager to represent For Honor at a fan event near you? Want to express your will to conquer the battlefield? If you want to rush into the next convention as soon as they scream “Open the gates!” we’ve got something for you! 

We’re proud to unveil the first official For Honor cosplay guide, featuring The Warden, hero of the Knight faction. We’ll release more reference guides as we unveil more heroes, so stay tuned! 


This guide breaks down The Warden’s style to make sure that your cosplay is on point. It has multiple viewing angles, including finer details such as close-ups of weapons, gear, and emblems that might not be easy to see in the game. In addition, we’ll be providing views of layers that may be hidden under capes or armor for maximum accuracy. 

For example: 

The Warden 360

Weapon Details

We can’t wait to see your real-life warriors, so send us pictures or videos of your work in progress through Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit!

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