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This Week in For Honor - 6/08/2017

08/06/2017 09:00 AM

Greetings warriors,

We are back this week with more news about your favorite game! Earlier this week, some Ubisoft outages and maintenances affected many multiplayer games including For Honor. The team took the decision to grant you with a 3 Days Champion Status, whether you’re playing on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, to compensate for the outages. Champion Status will activate as soon as you restart the game. If you already have Champion Status, it will just stack on top of your remaining days. Also, Title Update 1.08 was released last week on PC, you can expect the update to go live on console later this week, as it is currently at certification stage at Sony and Microsoft. We will keep you updated as soon as we are ready to update, meanwhile, make sure to look at the complete patch notes here.

Last week we also launched our Tournament Mode Emblem Contest, where players from all around the world submitted their best emblems to be featured in our upcoming Tournament Mode. We received more than 1000 entries, which is awesome, and we need you to do the final selection! The For Honor dev team will select their top 3 for each team name, and then, starting Friday June 9th at 5PM ET, votes will be opened and you will choose the very best ones. We can’t wait to see your selection.

Otherwise this week, we are back with new Elite Outfits, there’s a special 30% discount on Steel in the shop and we received again, some very good community creations! Make sure to have a look!



Here’s a few original entries we received for the contest.

Team: Whiteshield Mercenaries
User: Owenhh

Team: Inglorious Nobles
User: MilkyRob

Team: Lions of Dusk
User: cheehoG

Team: Steel Moon Marauders
User: ODP48


This week, we are back with new Elite Outfits, previously available only for Season pass owners. You can purchase them for 7, 000 Steel in the shop. More details in the below video!


Ashfeld – Iron Days album cover by ThisJPguy

For Honor – all heroes Lego edition by bekrueger

Female Warden by K454

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