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This Week in For Honor - 06/22/2017

06/22/2017 12:00 PM

Greetings warriors!

This week, the team is working hard preparing our Public Test for Ranked Tournaments feature. You will find more information below, but be ready, pre-download starts on June 27th and the test officially launches on the 29th. As the test is “public”, there will be no NDA and everybody will have access to the forums to share and discuss about their experience. The purpose of this event is to test our Ranked Tournaments feature, it is a great chance for players to provide feedback and help the For Honor dev team improving it before it’s available to everyone. It will then make its way to the game in a future update! Don’t forget that the version you will be playing is a work in progress and doesn’t represent the final state of the feature. You will find more details about key information below. 

We also want to thank everyone who entered our Tournament Emblem Contest over the last few weeks. We received more than 1 000 emblems, of which 32 winners were selected and will be featured in our upcoming Tournament feature. Thank you very much for your involvement and your creativity!

Last weekend, we discovered an issue that did not properly distribute rewards. We appreciate the patience as we worked to resolve the issue. Our team will be granting all affected players with a MELEE PACK (3 days Champion status + 1 crate). Xbox One players who were affected by two degradations will receive 2 MELEE PACKS.

Also this week, we’ve updated our Known Issues thread on the forums, we are back with new Battle Outfits and some cool community creations. Make sure to check it out!


This initial test will focus on the Duel Tournament feature. This feature is a new step into competitive gameplay. It will allow all warriors to experience For Honor in a new way along with the introduction of the Ranking system. Everyone starts at the bottom but only the best will pave their way to the top where champions are crowned.

The purpose of our public test for Duel Tournament feature is to collect feedback from players in order to improve the feature before its official release. Don’t forget that this Public Test version is a work in progress one and doesn’t represent the final state of the feature.

Find all the key information about the Public Test below. Also, if you missed this week’s Warrior’s Den, make sure to catch the VOD as we discussed the feature in details.




Orochi cosplay at E3, submitted by BaboonBalloon


For Honor in historical photos, by samsamx1


Fur Honor, submitted by bloodmoney1234


Knights cups, made by Cbundy99’s dad

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