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Duel Tournament Public Test

06/22/2017 11:00 AM

Duel Tournament Public Test starts on June 29th for PC players.

For Honor launches its Public Test where players can try new features before implementing them into the game. The first test will run from June 29th to July 4th, and all For Honor PC players are invited to participate. This initial test will focus on the Duel Tournament feature.

The Duel Tournament feature is a new step into competitive gameplay. It will allow all warriors to experience For Honor in a new way along with the introduction of the Ranking system. Everyone starts at the bottom but only the best will pave their way to the top where champions are crowned.

As you enter a tournament, your journey begins in the qualifier stage. Here, players will have to prove their worth by being the best warriors of their pool before moving on to the single elimination playoff phase. One player will reign supreme but all players will receive rewards depending on their performance. The further you have gone, the better your loot; leaving the best rewards exclusively to the champion.

Participating in the Duel Tournament will determine the player’s Duel rank among the community. After playing 20 qualification matches, the player will be placed in one of the five tiers based on his success: Bronze (Lowest), Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond (Highest). In order to offer a more balanced experience, each of those tiers are divided into five divisions, therefore, players will face opponents with a similar ranking. The player’s rank will evolve after each tournament match, based on his personal performance.

When engaging in Duel Tournament, players will devote 30 to 90 minutes for each tournament depending on the number of players ranging from 4 to 32. In order to offer an honorable experience, any early quitters will receive a matchmaking penalty of 1 hour as well as a regression of their rank.

As the title of “Public Test” indicates, this is indeed a testing phase for the game’s incoming feature(s). Any progress and rewards earned during the Public Test will not be saved once the test period is over on July 04th. It is also likely that players encounter some bugs and glitches as they play. Rest assured, that the main reason for the Public Test is to get feedback from you and to be able make the necessary adjustments to ensure the best possible gamer experience at the feature’s official release. So please, if you have any feedback feel free to share it with us on the dedicated forums:

The For Honor Dev team thanks you for your active role in helping grow and improve the game during this Public Test. We hope you enjoy and we will keep you updated on the feature’s official release very soon.

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