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This Week in For Honor - 06/29/2017

06/29/2017 03:00 PM

This Week in For Honor – June 29th 2017

Greetings warriors! This week marks the debut of our first Public Test about Duel Tournament. This feature has been in development for a long time and we’re happy to test it this weekend on PC. Whether you’re playing on Uplay or Steam, you can access the Public Test version in your games library. Everybody can join! We really want to use this opportunity to test the feature as much as possible and gather your feedback. Speaking of feedback, the best destination to leave some is on our forums. Don’t forget that it’s still a work in progress and we will do other tests like this in a near future.

This Thursday we also updated the game with Live Update 1.08.02, that will bring some interesting changes to the Centurion. See complete patch notes below.

This week was also the end of Round 3 for Season 2, where the Samurai triumphed over the Knights and Vikings, in a very very tight finale, as all factions conquered 23 territories and fought very hard in the last turn. Don’t miss this week’s episode of the Warrior’s Den when we discussed that with Lead Game designer Bio-Jade Adam-Granger.

We are also bringing back an Event Order this week-end, new Combat Emotes and cool creations from the community.


This week you can have access to 14 new Combat Emotes, one per hero, to express yourself on the battlefield. You can find them in the shop at 7 000 Steel each.


Starting on June 30th at 2PM EDT, you have to perform as many Executions as you can in Dominion matches (Player vs. Player) to get a reward of 2 000 Steel. The event ends on July 3rd at 4PM EDT.


Here was the state of the Faction War at the end of Season 2 Round 3. For real time update, make sure to go here.


Watch a recap of Season 2, Round 3 with Watch the War here.




  • Jab and Charged Jab area of effect updated.

Developer comments: Centurion’s Jabs will now be less efficient at tracking enemies dodging backwards. Overall, this should make Jabs easier to dodge.

  • [Bug Fix] Heavy Attack is no longer guaranteed after a left Throw.

Developer comments: Centurion’s left Throw was cancellable sooner into Heavy Attack than other directional Throws. This was an unintended bug causing Heavy Attack to be guaranteed out of left Throw only.

  • [Bug Fix] Removed the ability to Quick Throw out of Guard Mode.

Developer comments: By unlocking during the Quick Throw startup, it was very easy to confuse the opponent into a Counter Guard Break and then punish with a Heavy Attack. This unlock tech wasn’t intended so we’ve removed it.

  • [Bug Fix] Removed the ability to switch target on Parry Counter startup.
  • [Bug Fix] Parry Counter startup now removes Shugoki’s Passive Uninterruptible Stance before the hit.

Developer comments: Specific Parry follow up attacks are meant to hit the parried target, which is why we’re removing Centurion’s ability to switch target during Parry Counter. The Shugoki fix addresses a readability issue. By visualizing the removal of the Uninterruptible Stance before the hit, we hope Shugokis have a better understanding of what happens when they get counter parried by Centurions.

  • Phalanx duration reduced to 10 seconds (from 45).

Developer comments: Phalanx was too strong even for a level 4 feat. The duration of the effect made it a tactical no brainer. With a 45 second duration, Centurion could pretty much activate Phalanx at any time, it would always be useful for at least one player on the team. By reducing the duration to 10 seconds we want Centurion to really think twice about when to use Phalanx in order not to waste it.

For additional patch notes, visit





Elephant Shugoki by Bloodmoney 1234


For Honor classes in Dungeons & Dragons 5e, by Reddit user SubjectiveSloth


Centurion on iPad, by SethKlok


For Honor characters’ approximate time periods of their possible existence (based on their equipment), by Reddit user Justaniceman


The Knights War Room, by ThisJPguy

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