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World Of For Honor


Live Update v1.09.01

07/20/2017 01:00 PM


  • Stampede Charge minimum connection time delayed to 300ms (from 100ms)
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed the “host” advantage on Stampede Charge into Wall

Developer Comments: Raider’s Stampede Charge used to be pretty difficult to land from Sprint. Some characters with average mobility, could avoid the charge just by running around. In an effort to improve the success rate of the move we’ve made changes that allowed it to connect 100ms into the startup at the earliest which may look instantaneous under poor networking conditions. To address this, we’re delaying Stampede Charge minimum connection timing to 300ms. We’ve also fixed the “host” advantage bug causing the Stampede Charge into Wall to get cancelled against the “host”.


  • Crashing Charge minimum connection time delayed to 300ms (from 100ms)

Developer Comments: Warlord Crashing Charge had a similar set up as the Raider’s Stampede Charge. It was however less obvious because of the move’s other characteristics such as tracking.


  • Revenge inactive in Duel mode

Developer Comments: Given the community’s feedback on 1v1 Revenge and the good reception of the change done in the Public Test 1, we’ve decided to disable Revenge in Duel. As a side effect, in Custom Match Revenge will be off by default and can’t be activated. This is a known issue that will be fixed in the next update.

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