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This Week in For Honor

This Week In For Honor - 22/09/2017

09/22/2017 12:00 PM

Public Test 3 is Live!

Public Test 3 is now live and ready for you to jump aboard and test out Tribute, our brand new 4v4 objective based game mode. You can download the client by heading to your UPlay account, and can enjoy the beta all the way through til Monday, 4pm UTC! Grab your blades and head onto the Tribute battlefield! Be sure to give us all of your feedback on the PTS Subreddit.

Dueling Executioner Event

This weeks event is Dueling Executioner! Participate in Duels and execute your enemies to earn your reward of 2000 Steel!

New Mythic Outfits and Execution Effects!

Brand new Mythic Outfits and Execution Effects are now available. Check them out in this video:

Helping New Warriors Learn the Ropes

We love seeing fresh content that helps New Players get into the game, showing them the basics and getting them ready for life on the battlefield. This week, we wanted to highlight a video by BouseFeenux, A Beginners Guide to Combat.

If you enjoyed that vid, be sure to check out the rest of the series, and Bouse’s other videos on his channel!

Warrior’s Den Recap

Missed this weeks Warrior’s Den? Check out the VoD!

Community Content of the Week

Berserker Art

Berserker Fanart by Midiankai

Kensei Art

Kensei: King of the Bottom Tier by Titletownrelo

Orochi Rabbit

Orochi Rabbit by Bloodmoney1234

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