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TWIFH October 6th

This Week in For Honor - 10/06/2017

10/06/2017 12:00 PM

Patch 1.14 is LIVE now!

Changes, changes galore! Patch 1.14 is now live, and with it, many long awaited balance changes. Incredibilis! Check out the patch notes here.

No Revenge Brawl

This week we’ll have a special playlist to welcome in the brand new changes to Brawl Maps, No Revenge Brawl! As the name suggests, hop into this playlist to play games of Brawl with no revenge active. Grab a partner and hop into the fray!

Event Order – Brawling Vanquisher

To go with our fresh new event playlist, we’ll have an event order of Brawling Vanquisher! Win brawls as a collective community and earn 2000 steel for everyone!

New Content of the Week

We’ve got some fresh new content available in game this week! Check it out here:

Warrior’s Den Recap

Missed this weeks Warrior’s Den? Check out the VoD here, including some exciting news about our next competitive event!

Community Content


CONQUEROR by titletownrelo

A Viper Owning His Art

A Viper Owning His Art by Vector098

Wu Tang Sam

Wu Tang Samurai by BigCountryK7

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