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This Week In For Honor – October 20th 2017

10/20/2017 12:00 PM

Feast of the Otherworld!

Ghoulish rewards and spooky scary skeletons await you, welcome to the FEAST OF THE OTHERWORLD! Starting on October 19th and running until November 2nd, the dead have risen in the world of For Honor and they’re looking to add you to their ranks! In our special dominion style game mode, Endless March, skeletons will be present as deadly foes who deal massive damage and reward hard points, whilst capturing zones will only yield soft (temporary) points. Bash some bones and push the enemy team to breaking!


As well as this event mode, there will also be themed orders, exclusive in-game content and a spectacularly spooky soundtrack!


We can finally reveal what the MASKS tab is all about! As part of the exclusive content for the Feast of the Otherworld, each faction will gain access to a special Mask, including an ornament, battle outfit, and the mask itself which plays like an effect (for idle, execution and emotes). They’ll cost 15,000 steel each during the event and 20,000 afterwards.

Werewolf Emote

Next week, starting on October 26th, you’ll also be able to get your hands on the Werewolf Emote! It’ll cost 10,000 steel and also includes Moon and Fur effects! Bark at the moon!


Lootable Outfit, Effect and Ournament

For the first time in the game, during the Feast of the Otherworld, you’ll be able to loot three specific cosmetics from battles. The Pulled Under effect, Grasping Death battle outfit, and the Hell Driver ornament. Items will be looted randomly however, not for the hero you’re currently playing, so get out onto the battlefield and grab what you can!


Event Orders

This week, we’ll have the Slayer Event, requiring you as a community to perform player takedowns in any type of match. There’s 2000 steel in it for everyone if you can accomplish it by the 23rd of October!


Warrior’s Den Recap

Missed this week’s spoopy Warrior’s Den? Catch up with this weeks VoD!

Community Content


Centurion Artwork from Kentasltu


Conqueror sketch by midiankai


Valkyrie artwork by titletownrelo

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