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This Week In For Honor - October 27 2017

10/27/2017 12:00 PM

Outfit Bundles!

Warriors! THE FEAST OF THE OTHERWORLD is not over! Starting on October 26th and running until November 6th, take advantage of our “Feast of Otherworld” exclusive bundles. During this limited time, a bundle for each hero can be acquired using Steel. Important to note that if you already have part of the bundle, you can choose to buy what’s remaining of the bundle for a specific Hero.

Each bundle, which is purchased per Hero, contains: 

  • Mask Outfit
  • Grasping Death Outfit
  • Hell Driver Ornament
  • Pulled Under Effect
  • Howl at the Moon Emote


Boys Becoming Men, Men Becoming Wolves!

This week will also see the arrival of a new emote! From October 26th to November 1st   join the FEAST OF THE OTHERWORLD festivities and get your hands on the Werewolf Emote! As a reminder, it will cost 10,000 steel and also includes Moon and Fur effects! Howl at the moon!

Event Order – Apollyon’s Wrath

This week our event is called Apollyon’s Wrath. As a community, sacrifice (execute) as many heroes on Endless March as you can! The event starts on October 27th at 2PM EDT and ends October 30th at 4PM EDT. There is 1000 Steel and 2 Scavenger crates in it for everyone! Can you accomplish it by then?


Faction War Season has Ended!

The final round of the season is over! This was a hard fought battle and saw the Knights prevail. Check out the rewards each Faction will receive based on the Season’s results!


Warrior’s Den Recap

Check out the latest episode of our weekly livestream, the Warrior’s Den!

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