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This Week in For Honor - November 3rd 2017

11/03/2017 12:00 PM

Season 4 Revealed: Order and Havoc

Season 4 is approaching fast, and we’ve got the first details for you! Order and Havoc will release on November 14th, and with it, we’ll be bringing in brand new Maps, Heroes and a Game Mode.

The Aramusha and Shaman leap into the fray

Two new heroes will be joining the battle with the launch of Season 4. The honourable, twin blade wielding Aramusha of the Samurai faction, and armed with her hatchet and dagger, the vicious Shaman joins the Vikings. They’ll be available to Season Pass holders on November 14th, with the release of Season 4, and widely available on November 21st for 15,000 steel. We’ll reveal more about these heroes next week!

Tribute Mode

As seen in our recent public test, Tribute Mode is finally making its way to the live servers! In Tribute, two teams of four players will brawl to the bitter end over 3 tributes. Bringing them back to your teams sanctuaries will provide you with one of three buffs, and edge you closer to claiming victory. Hold all 3 buffs for a set duration and the spoils of war are yours! Tribute will be available when Season 4 launches.

Season 4 Patch Notes

Of course, with all of the brand new features, we’ll also be making changes across the board, including balancing changes and bugfixes. For all of the details, be sure to check out the full patch notes here

Season 4 Tournament Finals

After weeks of fierce competition, we finally have our finalists for the Season 4 tournament! The Ultimate Digital Athletes from Europe will clash with North Americas Team NRG to decide which team is truly the best in the world. We’ll have all the action LIVE from Montreal on our Twitch channel on November 11th. You won’t want to miss this!

Content of the Week

This weeks content will bring some fresh flair to ALL of our 16 heroes, with a brand new ornament arriving for each of them, priced at 5000 steel each. Take out your foes in style!

Free Weekend coming soon!

Starting on the 9th of November, we’ll be having another Free Weekend on For Honor! Available on all platforms, it’s the perfect chance to bring your friends onto the battlefield and show them the ways of the warrior. This time around we’ll also have a buddy program, granting you 5000 steel for playing 5 matches together with newcomers. Round up your pals and grab your blades!

Warriors Den Recap

Missed this weeks Warriors Den? We got you! Check out the recap of this weeks Den, including a patch notes rundown and more info on Season 4.

Community Content of the Week

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