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This Week in For Honor - November 10th 2017

11/10/2017 12:00 PM

Order and Havoc on the Horizon!

Warriors, the time is almost upon us! Season Four, Order and Havoc, will be released this Tuesday, the 14th of November! Season Four will introduce a whole host of fresh content, including the honourable Aramusha and maniacal Shaman. Alongside these powerful new warriors, two brand new battlefields will be introduced (The Gauntlet and Market Town), our all new Tribute Gamemode will bring a deeper tactical aspect to 4v4 combat, and some quality of life additions have been added, such as the assign Multiple Executions at once. Of course, many bugs have been fixed, and some of our heroes have received balancing changes. For all of the above and more, check out our Patch Notes here!

Grab your friends, the Free Weekend has begun!

Been thinking about giving For Honor a try? Got some friends that you haven’t brought to the battle yet? Now’s the perfect time, as our Free Weekend is now live! The Free Weekend will give you full access to For Honors features, including the Single Player campaign, and this time around, we’re introducing a reward for helping newer players find their footing, the Warrior Training Program. Getting your friends together and grouping up is a great way to experience the world of For Honor. Comradery on the battlefield, sharing techniques and teaching each other your methods, playing together can be extremely fun and rewarding, and we’d like to make it even more so. During the Free Weekend, any player that owns For Honor that groups with one or more Free Weekend players and completes 5 matches will receive 5000 Steel for their efforts. The Free Weekend players will also be granted the steel if they decide to purchase the game or come back in any future Free Weekends. The guys over at the For Honor Subreddit have set up an awesome LFG program for this. Simply head over to this thread , post your details (Platform, Experience, Heroes, Favourite pasta dish for two etc), and find other players to group with during the weekend. Fight for glory, and make some friends along the way!

Brand New Executions

You’ve been asking for it, and they’re finally here! New ways to gloriously slaughter your opponents in the name of your faction! 13 new executions are now available in game! Trust me, these executions are brutal, your enemies won’t soon forget you if they’re on the receiving end.

Season Four Event: Hero Series Finals

This weekend, on the 11Tth of November, we’ll be hosting our Season 4 Launch Event, live from Montreal! Be sure to tune in to to see everything we have in store. Along with gameplay reveals, we’ll also have some streamer showdowns, and the finals of our Team Hero Series! Who will take it all as the Ultimate Digital Athletes from Europe take on Team NRG from North America in what is sure to be an exhilarating match!

Event Order – Warrior Event

To coincide with our Free Weekend, this weekends event order will be the Warrior Event. Simply complete as many matches as you can as a community (In PVP or PvAI) to receive 3 Scavenger Crates for everyone! The event will run from November 10th (1pm EST) until the 13th (3pm EST), so get out there and clash for some crates, Warriors!

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Gladiator Drawing by KentasuLTU

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