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For Honor Winter Event Shakes Up Brawl Mode, Offers New Rewards

12/18/2017 09:00 AM

Winter weather is bringing a chill to the heated clashes of For Honor in the Frost Wind Festival, a seasonal event running on all available platforms from December 21, 2017 to January 4, 2018. During the Frost Wind Festival, a new mode called Ice Brawlers will introduce a new setting for 2v2 Brawl matches—the surface of a frozen lake, where the thin ice begins to crack as the match wears on, creating deadly hazards for careless heroes.

New winter-themed items will be available as well, such as Battle Outfits, weapons, mood effects, and an emote. These can be looted in any game mode during the Frost Wind Festival, and will also be available as part of Hero-specific bundles starting on December 28. The price of the bundles will adapt dynamically to exclude items you’ve already looted, so you’ll receive the items you don't already have. Finally, new Mask outfits for each faction will be available for the discounted price of 15,000 Steel from December 21 to December 28, after which you can pick them up for 20,000 Steel.

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