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Patch 1.26.2

08/09/2018 09:00 AM


  • [Adjustment] In Ranked Matches (including placement matches), all types of match quits are now penalized with a 40% rank deduction as well as a matchmaking time penalty.

Developer comment: Some players were bypassing the penalty system by using alternative means to quit their Ranked Duel matches. As a consequence, all quits, intended or not, will be penalized. We believe that this change is required in order to stop exploits and toxic behaviors.

  • [Adjustment] We lowered the Ranked Matchmaking Time Penalty to 30 minutes (from 60 minutes).

Developer comment: Now that all Quits in Ranked play are being penalized, we have decided to significantly lower the time penalty not to overly punish players with momentary technical issues. We will monitor the situation and may further adjust this Matchmaking Time Penalty, if required.

  • [Adjustment] We’ve updated how the Ranked Matchmaking works for the placement matches. It now adapts dynamically based on each placement match result. Previously, matchmaking was using a static value based on players previous season's duel rank (or their skill rating if they were not ranked).

Developer comment: The previous system was causing players to have a less than optimal matchmaking experience in Ranked as the value used for the matchmaking was static. Players reported facing the same level of play, and in some cases the same players. Players were also able to exploit the system by creating new accounts and easily win all of their placement matches to reach high Rank.

  • [Adjustment] The Ranked promotion and demotion bonuses, applied when changing division, have been reduced to 5% (from 25%).

Developer comment: Due to an issue, the promotion and demotion bonuses were increased to 25% (from 10%) since 1.26.1, sometimes producing big changes in the Ranking progression while moving from a Division to another one. With this update, we are now fixing the issue and lowering it even further to make the transitions smoother.

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